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DECOR TIPS | How to decorate with African Baskets

How to decorate with African Baskets? Be inspired by our insider’s tips!


When I first moved to Senegal, almost five years ago, I had a phase of genuinely pure enthusiasm about African handcrafts. With an almost empty house to fill and décor, I really enjoyed exploring local markets and hidden boutiques to find my must have pieces to reinvent and style my space.

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Today, despite losing a bit of the thrill that a new adventure always transmits, I haven’t lost that enthusiasm and there are still African objects that keeps attracting me. Among them, handmade baskets are definitely my go to items, beloved pieces that no matter the size or colour, will always find their place in my home. 


The typical Senegalese baskets. Can you actually resist them? Credits  


Because, let’s say it, African baskets are great

They are beautiful first of all, with that fantastic raw neutral appearance, soft palette and simple decorative motives that fit well everywhere. The typical Senegalese ones, made of cattail stalks and salvaged strips of colourful plastic, the simple Kenyan raffia bins or the more elaborated baskets from Rwanda and Zimbabwe – just to mention my favourite types  – won’t disappoint you. 

Besides, they are meticulously handmade by local artisans or cooperatives of strong women, making in most cases their primary source of income; they are also very practical objects, light, easy movable, waterproof and durable.  

But most of all, they are very versatile and make great décor items: mounted on walls, used as storage units or displayed on shelves or tables, individually or nicely grouped, they always have the power to fill a room, giving it a comfy touch of style and elegance. 

Want to see how? Keep reading and get inspired to decorate your house with African baskets.  



How to decorate with African Baskets  Tip 1 / Organize and store your stuff


Large sized Senegalese baskets or hampers are perfect storage units. They can become elegant items in your bedroom where to keep throws or home linens; stylish laundry bins to embellish your bathroom; original toys’ boxes in the kids’ room or helpful containers on your kitchen counter


Foto 03- Available in many sizes and colours, these baskets are beautiful as a set Credits 

Foto 04_ With one of these as laundry bin, your bathroom will have a totally new light Credits

Foto 05_ An easy and stylish way to store your kids’ stuff  Credits



How to decorate with African Baskets  Tip 2 /Accent your entryway


This part of the house is often neglected but think about it: it is the very first glimpse of your space that people will have, so make it cool as other rooms! African baskets are perfect to style and organize your entryway at the same time, keeping your necessities out of sight but always at your disposal.  


Foto 06_ Baskets can make your entry way look cool and tidy at the same time Credits  

Foto 07_ Or simply transform it into a beautiful accent point Credits 



How to decorate with African Baskets  Tip 3 / Revive your walls 


To me,  this is the most awesome solutions for round and flat-like baskets, like Tonga from Zimbabwe or the colourful bowls from Rwanda. Set together in an asymmetrical way they can turn any white wall into an eye catching point; and if your walls are coloured, the final effect is even more stunning. 

Note: to hang baskets properly, thread a resistant kind of wire, such as s fish line or a metallic wire at the very centre of the basket, in order to create a loop on the back. A small nail should be enough since they are normally very light.  


Foto 08_What a cool wall décor, don’t you think?  Credits 

Foto 09_And what about a dark teal background? Credits



How to decorate with African Baskets  Tip 4 / Plant a Tree


If you love plants, consider open baskets or bins, like the Kenyan ones for example, both as a nice and original replacement for potteries –  the weft is so tight that no soil will spill out –  or as nice pots’ covers, great idea especially for your indoor plants.  


Foto 10_ Cute little Senegalese baskets for cute tiny plants Credits

Foto 11_ Great for the outdoor as much as for you indoor plants Credits  



How to decorate with African Baskets  Tip 5 / Just style…anything


Disseminate wisely baskets here and there, possibly following your colours’ palette:  on side tables, on shelves, pantries or other pieces of furniture…and you will see, what a flair!


Foto 12_ An easy and chic ornament Credits

Cover _credits 


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