COLOR TRENDS 2021 To decorate home next year

by Elisabetta Rizzato

Discovering the top colors for interiors and decor for 2021

Today we are sharing an interesting color trend report with inspiring palettes for interiors and decor trends for the 2021. Published by DuluxNz, the color forecast for 2021 features 3 palettes associated with some interior settings, showcasing how to put the color trends into practice.

The Color Forecast for 2021 reflects a desire for reassurance and security, definitely needed in pandemic times, with palettes that evoke familiarity and comfort.

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Let’s discover them together. What’s your favorite?



Decor Trends 2021 |  Palette  1  Retreat



The Retreat palette is a combination of warm whites, neutrals and dusty blues with accents in the tones of burgundy and deep ocean blue. Soft greys and olive greens connect the colors.

The palette is inspired by feelings of nostalgia and aims to convey a sense of balance and calm, while at the same time being very versatile. In fact, with more and more people working remotely, the focus is now on creating beautiful and flexible spaces, where to feel also balanced and calm.

In fact, as our home and work lives continue to blur, we should upgrade our spaces accordingly to become a hybrid of functionality: Retreat is the ultimate palette for flexible living.

The interior mood evokes nostalgia, comfort and security, with a neutral grey background which creates a soft and contemporary look. Architectural and furniture shapes are simple and sometimes utilitarian but never stark or too minimal, thanks to textures plus authentic and sustainable materials.


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Color trends 2021 |  Palette  2  Nourish




The Nourish palette is a combination of warm neutrals with accents of yellows and greens, touches of tan, soft olive and muted ochre.

The palette is inspired by nature and aims to unplug from our digitally saturated environment, with soft and natural hues such as mossy, sage greens, turmeric and citrus hues. A calming color palette to create a tranquil environment, encouraging us to unplug and be present in the moment.

The interior evokes a rustic feel thanks to layers of texture and wood, and together with rounded forms and soft objects cerate a very cosy and comfortable space where to rest and unplug.

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Decor Trends 2021 |  Palette  3  Reset



The Reset palette is a combination of warm neutrals with rich colors such as blue, coral and rust, and touches of pink and terracotta.

The palette is inspired by a sense of closeness, with uplifting colours and a bold sense of renewal. A subtle playful retro influence inspired by the 70s creates an eclectic mix of old and new, aiming to create a happy and energetic space.

The neutral white background is perfect to play with pops of colors and a variety of different surfaces, balancing for example cool concrete with warm timber.


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