Sep 8, 2021

INTERIOR TIPS | 5 creative ways to decorate with Maya Blue

How to decorate with light blue at home?


Blue represents both the sky and the sea and is the favourite colour of all people.

Maya blue, as for all the light but at the same time bright blues, can add an interesting splash of colour to interior and outdoor spaces. As a paint colour it can make a bold impact, but if you don’t fancy it as bright – use a tone for a more “dusty blue” or go for a shade darker for a “moodier blue.” For a lighter wash of colour – a tint can provide a soft airy blue. Lighter shades of the colour instil a feeling of calm and tranquility at home which makes a good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces where you want to relax. 

In this post, I collected five amazing home interiors that shows how to decorate with light blue. Which one is your favorite? Share on Instagram by tagging @italianbark


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5 creative ways to decorate with Maya Blue


With a light blue striped extension


Architecture studio CAN has added a blue and white striped extension to a Victorian terrace in London, renovating the house’s kitchen by adding a side extension that expanded the room. Discover more here




With an amazing tiled flooring in Maya blue


The beautiful interiors of this modern Mediterranean-style beach house in Ibiza are designed by leading South African-raised, UK-based designer Hubert Zandberg. What makes the home unique, however, is its massive courtyard tiled in sky-blue and white Granito tiles custom made from the Mosaic Factory. Discover more here.





With a baby blue slide!


Reflect Architecture has renovated a house for a young family living in Toronto, Canada, by brightening its truncated interiors and twisting a blue slide through its centre. The update to the house was focused on reconfiguring the existing layout to create lighter, open spaces that encourage the family to spend time together and play. Discover more here.




With pale blue curtains


Floor-to-ceiling curtains carve up the interior of This open-plan apartment in Bilbao, Spain, designed by architecture studioAzab, features floor-to-ceiling light blue curtains which define its style. The project is set within a rationalist-style residential building that was built in the 1960s. Discover more here.




With walls is Maya blue


The project is an extension of  rural Portugal houses probably built in the 40s or 50s, by architectural studio M2.senos arquitectos. Defined by colorful walls in a bright Maya blue:

The blue color, found in the different layers of plaster overlaid, admittedly exuberant, has a double function: the coherence between the old and the new, as well as recovering its eccentricity in the relationship with the garden and the surroundings.



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