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Decorating a rental home, 10+ ideas

ideas decorating rental homes, temporary home decor ideas

ideas decorating rental homes, temporary home decor ideas


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More and more people are opting for an house for rent rather than for an actual purchase at present.

The fact is a consequence both of the particular economical period, which does not encourage investment in the long term, and by a change of mindset that led us to be much more flexible and nomadic than our parents used to be. Now you change your job very often and it’s not so obvious to be able to find it always in your city, also people look for more interesting opportunities in new cities and countries, and for a rental home then.
Living in a rented house of course has some limitations, because all changes we make in a rental home need to be reversible…Renovation and rental are two words you don’t hear too much in the same sentence, landlords usually don’t like changes in their own homes, and in most cases you have to leave your rental home in the same conditions as the day when you entered.
Maybe you are one of those living in a rental home as well? Here, I will show you many different ways to decorate your house in a temporary way, which I’ve collected in 10+ ideas for decorating a rental home:

Sono sempre di più le persone che optano per una casa in affitto anzichè per un acquisto vero e proprio.

La cosa è dettata un lato dalla particolare situazione economica del periodo, che non incoraggia affatto gli investimenti a lungo termine, dall’altro a un cambio di mentalità che ci ha portato ad essere molto più flessibili e nomadi rispetto ai nostri genitori, magari a cambiare lavoro molto più spesso e a cercarlo in città diverse rispetto a quella di nascita.

Vivere in una casa in affitto ha dei limiti oggettivi, i padroni di casa nella maggior parte dei casi chiedono ai propri affittuari di lasciare la casa nelle stesse condizioni in cui è stata trovata, ma non per questo dobbiamo rinunciare alla possibilità di personalizzare la casa in cui viviamo, anche se in affitto.Basta fare ovviamente attenzione a fare delle modifiche che siano removibili nel tempo…magari non ci avete mai pensato, ma ci sono un sacco di modi per decorare casa in modo reversibile, e ho raccolto i miei preferiti oggi nel post 10+ ideas:

355 St.Clair Ave West, Toronto - Apartment for Rent

Image via Renters Pages

1  original wall hangings


wire wall decor

This is a common way for decorating home. Just hang some mirrors, wall art, frames and you room will change immediately look.

However, it’s not so good to damage walls by leaving holes on it, a solution could be to use those wall hooks with a strong double-sided tape behind, you can find lots of them in commerce.

But there are so many lighter and easy way for temporary decorating your walls…look for example at this amazing paint chips I’ve discovered in Aparthment Therapy, or this wall wire decor found in TrendHunter


2 gallery wall

gallery wall decor, temporary wall decor, decorating rental home

plates wall decor, temporary walld ecor, decorating rental home

This is one option for wall decor I love so much!

 You can choose a gallery wall of prints (first image via), or maybe something different as well…

maybe some plates, as in this images from Remodelista?

For example, in my home I have a gallery wall all about vintage plaques and I love it!


3 vynil wall decals


An easy and fast option for decorating a wall.

I love them, my favourite are those with city cut-outs or some text on them. (in black and white, of course)

These for example are ones from Evergreen Orange, I’ve posted about here few time ago


4 washi tape wall decor

washi tape wall decor, decorating rental hoem, temporary wall decor

washi tape decor, washi tape wall decor, temporary wall decor, docorating rental homes

I still haven’t tried this at home even if I love the samples I see in the web of this trendy (and completely removable) way for decorating walls.

I love those washi tape motifs with geometric decor, or with a colourful striped pattern (as for example this one by BohoDecoChic)…

but why not trying to create some wall frames with it?  (these tape frames are by Design*Sponge )


removable wallpaper




Maybe you didn’t know about this. I’ve recently discovered it though This Little Street blog and it look fabulous: the one you see in the picture is by Spoonflower, but you can find many other kind of removable wallpaper like herehere and here. 

There are really many different kind of decor to choose, from colourful to subtle, to chalckboard for example…and most important thing,

they are completely removable!


fabric or wrapping paper  as wallpaper

wallpaper decor, temporary wall decor, decorating room rental, wrap wallpaper
map wallpaper, geographical map wall decor, decorating rental home

A great alternative to wallpaper that can be used as a temporary wall treatment solution is fabric.

You can find a quick DIY “tutorial”  for placing fabric on a wall in Numbered Street Designs blog…I’m not so sure I would be able to do this with my bad manual skill, but maybe you are good in DIY and you can try it by yourself!

Another great alternative to wallpaper is is wrapping paper. Cheaper than usual wallpaper, you can also think of cutting some stripes and decorating your wall with it. For example, see the above picture via Picnicisunderthemoon, here wrapping paper is sticked with double stick tape!
Or maybe, why not using a big map as a wall decor? (img via PrintedSpace)

decor with rugs

perfect rug, rug decor, carpet decor, decorating rental home, temporary home decor
Yes this is a predicted way for decorating your home.
But choosing the right carpet is not so easy and it really may completely change the look of your room.
Recently I’ve host a guest post about choosing the perfect rug for your home, do you remember? (img rug via)

8 decor with pillows

cushion home decor, decorating with cushions, temporary home decor, decorating rental home
A cheap yet impressive ways for decorating a rental room in a temporary way is working with cushion matches.
White and gray look great everywhere, but if you want to add more personality match neutral hues with trendy fabrics and classic designs as well. Do not be afraid to mix patterns and colors, just be careful to choose three colour hues and find many different kint of patterns around them.
The final look will be wonderful, for some ideas just have a look at this selection I’ve found in Interior Break blog (above image by HusmanHagberg)

9 decor with curtains

Dress up your windows with beautiful curtains.
This may be a more expensive way of decorating your home, as I believe that quality curtains just cannot be cheap.
I don’t love colours for curtains, but mixing different kind of textiles in more layers can be a beautiful option i think
(img via Sfgirlbybay– here the rug is impressive as well!)
curtain home decor, black and white curtains, decorating rental home, textile home decor, temporary home decor

10 work with…your own furniture!

There are many tricks you can adopt while furnishing your rental home.

For example, if you have a set of matching furniture, swap out pieces in different rooms. Maybe your bedside tables can work wall besides the sofa, and near your bad you can place a small coffee table…

If you don’t have enough space, don’t be afraid to push furniture against the wall, for example you can add a sofa table between the sofa and the wall, or you can place a low chest under the windows as well… Also, you can buy storage cubes, bins, or baskets that can become as a coffee table.

(gorgeous mix&match of furniture via Decor8)

decorating rental home, mix match furniture



Stay tuned on Italian Bark blog for further ideas inspired by the 10+ points of this post!