Sep 29, 2021

SHOP IT | Decorating with light blue

Decorating with light blue / Living room design in Mediterranean style


With summer coming to an end we enjoy each sunset just a bit more. We savour those final sweet days in the sun when waves run wild to kiss the shore, only to instantly break at its glorious feet. But this year instead of holding on to those precious moments to keep us warm when cold winds arrive, why not design our homes for a never-ending summer vibe? 


Blue is here to stay, so let’s wash our homes in its bliss! Following the footsteps of the Pantone Classic Blue, Sherwin Williams Aegean Teal and WGSN x Coloro AI Aqua, and our last year’s sweetheart – Baby Blue, we bring you the Maya Blue – a perfect interior colour to decorate with in 2022.


Evocative of the cloudless summer sky and the sea, the Maya Blue stands for freedom and calm. This airy shade brings a wave of bravery and optimism, signalling good days on the horizon.

Close to the Dulux colour of the year 2022 – Bright Skies, the Maya Blue comes with a more vibrant face and a lighthearted Mediterranean spirit.


With great receding potential, the Maya Blue champions small spaces of all kinds, allowing them to visually expand far beyond their actual physical limits. 

Loved for its power to reduce stress and slow metabolism down, this light blue interior colour trend thrives in hybrid environments many of us are struggling with lately.


Decorating with light blue / Living room design in Mediterranean style


With this mood board, I wanted to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean high summer afternoon and translate its magic into the interior language. 

The Maya Blue shines through the natural, understated colour scheme of white, off-white, beige, wood and greenery. This rustic meets modern concept incorporates both streamlined and raw finishes, balanced out into a smooth, delicate dance. 

The character of this space emerges from the eclectic mix of bold ethnic motifs found in tiles, decor and art. 

Take a close look at this mood board.

Can you hear the soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach and feel the scent of salt carried by the breeze?


A fresh start.

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Decorating with light blue

/ Moodboard



Decorating with light blue

/ Shoplist


  1. Islander 5 Blade ceiling fan in antique brass, Fanimation | approx 345 euros
  2. Jennifer Pino Paints | price upon request
  3. Linen cushion sea shell, The Fine Store | 45 euros
  4. Crew stripe fringed bolster indoor/outdoor pillow, Frontgate | approx 135 euros
  5. Versailles puzzle vase, Jonathan Adler | approx 250 euros
  6. Dried sun palm bouquet, Anthropology | approx 25 euros
  7. Devyn sofa, Sixpenny | approx 2600 euros
  8. Checkerboard baby alpaca, Jonathan Adler | approx 290 euros
  9. Mineral coffee table – Bianco Curia, Ferm Living | approx 1280 euros
  10. Amphore #27, Mano Mani | 620 euros
  11. XL Grand tour god bust, Jonathan Adler | approx 670 euros
  12. Harlequin eye tray, Jonathan Adler | approx 225 euros
  13. Bastone sideboard, Poiat Studio | approx 13950 euros
  14. Glider armchair, Artifort | price upon request
  15. Large Mediterranean floor stencil, Henny Donovan Motif | approx 64 euros
  16. Earth platter, Artilleriet | approx 190 euros

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