Feb 26, 2020

SHOP IT | Decorating with sexy but dangerous Chinese Red

Decorating with red can be really challenging.

It’s been a while since we first spotted red creeping back into the popular colour schemes. It started shy as a muted supporter of the omnipresent pink and slowly worked its way towards a more saturated colour spectrum. 

Ready or not, but 2020 will be the year of the exotic (and dangerous) Vermillion Red.

Vermillion Red, sometimes referred to as Chinese Red, is much more than yet another trendy seasonal shade for us to consume and discard. Standing for life and good fortune, desire and lust, throughout history Vermillion Red has always been the ultimate status symbol of the rich and powerful across Asia, Europe and America.



Decorating with red: Love it or hate it

But at what cost? Jam-packed with raw energy and thousands of years long blood trail on its feet, Vermillion Red can also be seen as a symbol of tyranny and violence. 

The toxic nature of our colour of the month is evident even from its roots. We now know that cinnabar (used to produce pigment vermillion) is so full of mercury that the life span of labor workers in its mines was roughly three years. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news for everyone interested in bringing this strong historic shade back home is that today Vermillion Red can be produced in a completely safe and cautious way. Still, seriously fierce and sexy, dynamic and intense, Chinese Red is hardly a suitable match for everyone. 

Love it or hate it, but one thing is certain – Chinese Red is difficult to ignore. Decorating with red can be really challenging, yet it can be a strong ally for bringing character into any space. It looks brilliant next to the popular blues, greens and yellows, and – most importantly – blends perfectly into the contemporary vision of bringing back the traditional values and shaping them for the future.

Hope you enjoy this Vermillion Red styleboard game of layering different eras and interior styles. It’s been a challenge worth taking, don’t you think?


Decorating with Red | Interior Trend

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Decorating with red / Shop it

  1. Lithograph Influence Schematic 07, Carey Maxon | approx 700 euros
  2. Perpetual Calendar, Gideon Dagan | approx 60 euros
  3. Canvas Mona, Sofia Bonati | price upon request
  4. Centro Flush Mount – Vermilion Red, Rich Brilliant Willing | approx 560 euros
  5. Heliconia Lava print by Hein Studio, Stilleben | approx 36 euros
  6. 6. Apparel – painted metal room divider / coat rack, Opinion Ciatti | approx 1000 euros
  7. Mon Coeur sofa, La Cividina | price upon request
  8. Adele table lamp, Euroluce Lampadari | approx 880 euros
  9. Reflective collection red round coffee table, Sebastiano Bottos | approx 2590
  10. The Athletes floor lamp, Zaven | price upon request
  11. Red Poppy Garlic Keeper, Emerson Creek Pottery | approx 20 euros
  12. Coffee table America Tia Contemporary glass, Home Square | approx 190 euros
  13. Saturn chair – red, Bohic Studio | approx 5500 euros
  14. Small Scatter Size Antique Oriental Chinese Carpet, Nazmiyal Collection | approx 900 euros
  15. Floating Wax Tea Light Candle, Just Artifacts | approx 3 euros
  16. Bule net, orange bowl, Carolyn Genders | price upon request
  17. Lizzie Vase, Anthropologie | approx 45 euros


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