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BAR DESIGN | Drinking coffee in a public toilet… Attendant Cafè, London

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A public toilet converted into design cafe, London

A Victorian toilet, built around 1890, has been skilfully transformed into a stylish cafè. Yes, you’re actually going to eat your toast and drinking you beer where tons of people have gone in the past years to the toilet.
Its name is Attendant Cafè and it’s a design cafe in London, in Bloomsbury neighborhood.
This weird idea ot transforming a public toilet into a trendy design cafe became reality with an investment maden by Pete Tomlinson and Ben Russel, and with a huge work of cleaning and transformation. For example, the old porcelain urinals have been re-purposed as table tops, and I have to say that the whole effect is very original and with an interesting vintage twist.
Although I’m not sure if I like it, maybe I’m just influenced by the idea of what this place was previously, what do you think?
For sure, I prefer the exterior look: in fact the Victoran-style cast ironed exterior is very attractive and I’m sure it will draw many visitors to its inside!
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