Design finds from London Design Festival | focus 1, Tent London

by Elisabetta



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Here I am, with a recap and some design finds  from last week in London for the London Design Festival. Actually I’ve a camera full of brand new pictures and a binder full of new names and cards I absolutely have to share with you on ITALIANBARK. So, lots of images and names to note today on the blog :)

First, the picture you see above is from an a-m-a-z-i-n-g installation I was so lucky to see in Covent Garden. Charles Petillon, the artist famous for his baloon invasions, for the first time created here in Covent Garden an installation in a public space: “Heartbit” fills the famous city-spot with thousands of inflated white balloon to create a big cloud. Loving it ♥


Today I’m showing you something from the East design destination of Tent London, a trade show event showcasing 450 exhibitors from different countries. I’m so happy to have been invited by Tent London as guest blogger to catch teh fair news and highlights, hope you will enjoy my round up!

My visit started  in this Press Hub designed by Ongl Design+Make studio: something like a semi-permeable shelter in white polypropylene rope to weave, furnished with design pieces chosen from the fair, a rest and work place for Journalists, Exhibitors and VIPs. Can you imagine a more inspiring place than this?


Eccomi con un riepilogo e un bel po’ di novità di design dai miei giorni londinesi in occasione del London Design Festival. Me ne sono tornata con un iphone strapieno di foto e con un raccoglitore ricolmo di nuovi biglietti da visita e nomi di cui mi sono presa nota, che fare se non condividere qualcosa qui su ITALIANBARK? Prendete nota :)

Per iniziare, l’immagine che vedete qui sopra è stata scattata in una Covent Garden quasi deserta, di sabato mattina presto, e resa speciale grazie ad un’installazione di  Charles Petillon. L’artista, famoso per le sue invasioni di palloni gonfiabili, si è cimentato qui per la prima volta in uno spazio pubblico: “Heartbit”è il nome di questa selva di palloni gonfiabili che ricreano una grande nube proprio sotto il famoso tetto di Covent Garden. Bellissima ♥


Oggi vi faccio vedere un po’ di cose dall’ Est di Londra e dal suo fulcro pulsante del design, Tent London, ovvero uno spazio coperto in un tipico edificio industriale londinese con 450 stand da moltissimi paesi diversi, tra marchi famosi, emergenti e sconosciuti. Sono davvero felice perché il cagnetto è stato invitato proprio da Tent London in veste di blogger per captarne novità e ispirazioni, spero sia di ispirazione anche per voi!

La mia visita è partita qui, dalla “Press Hub” progettata dallo studio Ongl Design+Make: un piccolo camping allestito al coperto grazie a una serie intricata di corde bianche, un luogo di lavoro e riposo pensato apposta per la stampa, allestito con una selezione di oggetti presi proprio dalla fiera. 


tentlondon-presshub2015tentlondon2015-presshub tentlondon-presshub2015


Senza titolo-1


concrete is a concrete trend!  ♥ LDF design crushes

ldf15-tentlondon-designfinds ldf15-tentlondon-designfinds tentlondon-designcrushes-concrete

  1. The first London concrete and cactus concept store with its vases collection, Concrete Jungles, UK
  2. A concrete staircase? No, it’s a 4th dimension table clock created by 22Design Studio, Taipei
  3. A concrete bar called The mixer designed by Liane Russ and Phil Henshaw…where you could mix different concretes by person! (by Cemento UK, the UK partner of the Italian company Sai Industry which has developed the revolutionary concrete product known as Cimento)


in the textile tradition  ♥ design crushes

image imageIMG_4257image imageIMG_4380image103-768x1024IMG_4355

  1. Love at first sight for this round carpet by Ceadogan Rug, Ireland

2. 3. 4. Irish strong tradition in textile production was well shown at the Design&Craft from Ireland trade section: here I met the family run irish business Mourne Textiles with their loom (and their lovely cards maden with a textile sample) – 2, 3 – and I loved Liz Nillson‘s beautiful textiles in grey shades -4

5. In the Norway tradition with Mandal Vaveri and their colourful textiles in ethnic geometries

6. Joanna Saarinen is a textile designer from Finland working in london and combining colours and Finnish tradition in her beautiful homeware collection

7. “Les grappes de abat-jours” by French brand Boboboom : finally I see them by person!

8. Loving this knitted pendants made of dip&dye wool by Janie Knitted Textiles, UK


amazed by glazed  ♥ design crushes


  1. Magnor was part of the huge 100percentnorway exhibition, with its glass collection. These are Kristine Bjaadal “Hold” vases

2.  Founded in 1762, Hadeland Glassverk is one of Norway’s longest running industrial enterprises, known for the beauty of its mouth-blown glass. How beautiful is this colourful pendant called Krystallkule and designed by Bugge?

3.  This round lamp by Berlin based design brand NEO/CRAFT won the Lexus Design Award 2014 and the  Interior Innovation Award 2015. It’s like a permanent iridescent soap bubble with an iridescent film creating the impression of ever-changing colours . Love  ♥ ♥ ♥

4. “Lyyli Box” is a lovely series of small glazed bottles designed by Katriina Nuutinen. She told me she produces them with her own hands, in her Finnish workshop  ♥


ceramics&co  ♥ design crushes

design finds-ceramic-tent london 2015london-in-colours-londondesignfestival2015 (13)image108-e1443647842978-768x1024design finds-ceramic-tent london 2015

  1. Ceramics from Designership, a Denmark based brand: these are from the “Taste” collection by Rikke Hagen

2. Saniyo came from far Hong Kong with its “Gathering series” in beautiful matt pastels

3. 4. Tortus Copenhagen demonstrated its hand made tradition with a live in Ghost style... and with their amazing ceramic collection!


made in italy  ♥ design crushes

 image122-e1443646392845-768x1024tentlondon-imperfettolabimageimage image


Many Italian exhibitors this year at Tent London!

  1. Casa Matera by Mapping Basilicata had a huge corner where I found many interesting furniture pieces, like this terracotta basin
  2. 3.  ImperfettoLab and their beautiful creations (and myself in a mirror, ciao)

4. 5. Lighing finds from  Design in South Italy : Mario d’Aquino  and these cool lamps recreating traditional oil lamps in pendant lights;  Zei123 and these concrete lamps


touch it!  ♥ design crushes

   imageimage122-e1443646392845-768x1024image114-e1443646693837-768x1024tentlondon-origami wallpaper-designfindstentlondon-design finds

  1. A smart cork&magnet lamp from Galula, a young brand from Portugal
  2.  Vase from Amfora, Finland
  3. Fashion tailoring technique put into ceramics by Xuezhi Liu, UK
  4. Wallpaper covering made of paper origami by Tracey Tubb, UK
  5.  Interactive 3d wall covering based upon the concept of a peg board, EvanJamesDesign, UK

Last image. The cool graphic concept for Eataipei food event: “Eataipei, an experimental tasting menu of five dishes, curated by designer Shikai Tseng and  architect Rain Wu and created by Taiwanese chef, Chung-Ho Tsai, will lead the audience on a narrated journey exploring five fundamental aspects of Taipei: history, landscape, people, lifestyle and the future”.

Food was good, but presentation was even better! 


All images © Elisabetta Rizzato | ITALIANBARK








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