Mar 19, 2024

DESIGN TRENDS | Be inspired by Industrial 2.0 style

Turning from warm minimalism to colourful minimalism design trend: be inspired by these new Trend themes for 2024/5 .


In this article, I am sharing another one of the key 04 Trend Themes 2024/5 for interiors and design. You can find a full recap in my Webinar | Interior Trends 2024 and whole guide of this years trend in the 2024 Trend Guide.

These Trend Themes are part of a wider research carried out at the beginning of last year, as part of TRENDBARK Trend Services, providing brands with clear directions about future years trends’. In particular, the research is aimed at identifying the key styles, colors, materials, shapes, that will be popular in the upcoming years through concept boards, in order to give clear directions to my clients and help them creating more profitable products and collections.

Be inspired today by the “Industrial 2.0 ” trend.

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Trend Theme 02

Industrial 2.0 design trend 2024/5

Forget about industrial style as you know from the 2010s, when industrial style was synonymous with exposed bricks, metallic finishes alternated with leather ones, pallets and vintage elements. Remember also about those text signs with motivational quotes and good vibes?

The updated evolution of industrial style has nothing to do with that – industiral 2.0 is a raw and hard style, all about contrasts .

Let’s see more in detail the Industrial 2.0 design trend.




The Industrial 2.0 trend is the evolution of the trend presented for 2023 called Care for the Others.

Care for the Others” embodied a fresh concept of functional beauty, welcoming all while celebrating imperfections as integral to life’s beauty. A global shift towards embracing all forms of diversity, incorporating them into the initial phases of design, bringing to new and interesting interpretations of colors, shapes, materials.

This trend manifests in a fresh color scheme composed of subdued neutrals. It features gender-neutral tones that are understated, minimalist, and often have a raw quality – such as the subtle gray reminiscent of exposed cement.

The Industrial 2.0 design trend builds upon the ethos of Care for the Others but takes it to the next level with heightened rawness and striking contrasts.


Industrial 2.0 design trend / keywords

  • new brutalism
  • wabi sabi
  • raw
  • functionalism
  • made from waste
  • upcycling

Industrial 2.0 design trend / colors

The Industrial 2.0 style trend represents a contemporary evolution of industrial design, characterized by a palette dominated by desaturated and cold colors, particularly shades of grey and darker hues. Building upon the raw aesthetic of its predecessor, this trend embraces a refined sense of urban sophistication. It draws inspiration from the rugged textures and weathered surfaces found in industrial settings, incorporating them into sleek, modern interiors.

The use of darker tones adds depth and drama, creating a bold visual impact. This design approach celebrates the beauty of imperfection and embraces the industrial heritage, while infusing spaces with a sense of edgy elegance.


Industrial 2.0 design trend / materials

  • raw vs shiny
  • aluminium
  • glass blocks
  • upcycling
  • reuse waste
  • recycled plastics

Industrial 2.0 design trend / shapes

  • sharp vs curves
  • retro futurism


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