Sep 29, 2023


Female Futureis one of the 9 trend themes developed for 2023/24 in 2021 as part of the trend forecasting services. Be inspired in this post.

Trend forecasting is the process of researching and analyzing consumers habit, to provide designers’ and brands a vision of the future. In fact, by knowing what will be relevant in the years to come, what trends will last and what are just passing, they can make wiser choices and create products that sell more – because they will meet customers’ tastes and needs.

Part of my work, other then identifying and researching about macro trends together with other researches and experts, is then translating these into tangible interiors and design directions – in the form of CMF ( color, material, finishes ) analysis.

In this post, I’m sharing one of the nine trend themes developed for 2023 back in 2021 in collaboration with SOMA_studiomilano, as part of a 2-years trend forecasting service for brands ( more at this link ).

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Female Future


We developed the trend theme Female future as a response to the prevailing male-dominated paradigm that has historically driven our society. A theme inspired by the concepts of care, communal living, inclusivity, and empathy  –  central principles that should inspire our collectivity as well. Female future is about reviving feminine archetypes to restore those feminine values that go in opposite direction from values such as hierarchy, militarism, ruthless competition, productivity at any cost, and individualism.

|| Discover more: Trend forecasting, how does it work?


Eigenhuis&Interieur, Netherlands


Female Future colors inspiration comes from women’s ability to combine kindnesses with strength, care with determination, and build a fluid idea of the feminine that ultimately impacts the masculine ideal.

Soft beige variations, like kraft beiges will provide warmth and comfort and light blues will challenge gender stereotypes while keeping the coziness. Dark browns recall the powerful female intrinsic nature and movements such as Black Lives Matter.

Female Future patterns draw inspiration from soft and round shapes, from the delicate beauty found in flowers and handmade crafts like origami. And explore 3D and shadow effects to express feminine determination.

FEMALE FUTURE / finishes and materials

Female Future finishes and materials are combined to provide a sort of design therapy, creating comforting interiors filled with tactile, gentle and meaningful objects.

Female future highlights creased, crumple and satin finishing. It mixes and matches materials such as cotton-linen fabrics, transparent fabrics like sheer, rope shades and all things knitted, cross-stitch and garnished. It explores curvy wood, fluted glass, ceramics, origami paper and “papier mâché”, and the novelty of inflated leather.


FEMALE FUTURE / forms and shapes

Female Future forms and shapes are an invitation for finding comfort, recharging and cocooning. There is a predominance of circular and round shapes, squiggles and wiggles forms and snuggly allure figures.

Suvinil, Rescue – Color of the Year 2021


// This trend theme is part of the “THE GREAT REBIRTH” macro trend, celebrating nature in various ways: by incorporating traditional craftsmanship and raw, less processed materials and finishing; by choosing regenerative materials and focusing on products lifecycle; by exploring biophilic design with natural shapes, colors and patterns that mimic the natural world.

// This trend theme is also part of a trend research developed in 2021 in collaboration with SOMA_studiomilano. Discover all the trend services at this link.


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