Jul 17, 2017

DESIGN TRENDS | Designing for the future: 5 trends we need to consider now

When CGTrader asked to reply to the following question:

Which are the design trends we need to consider now for the future?

I looked for a simple and effective way to answer such a complex question in one blogpost: finding out the future interior design and product trends is not a simple question, which could be answered in just one blog page…

So I thought about five keywords that recap 5 interior and product design trends that could last over time and represent how the future of design will look like. I focused on interior and product design, as for ITALIANBARK focus, but these words can have a wider scope to be part of broader discussion about the future of design.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Designing for the future | 5 key Future Interior Design Trends 2018 to Last


DESIGN TREND #1 | Multifunctional

One design, several functions.

The future trend for people is to own less objects than before, with more quality and more functionality, less unnecessary stuff: a decluttered home helps to live a better life, and helps the planet by reducing waste. Houses tend also to be smaller and smaller, so design helps to find out solutions which can have several functions in one single object.

In the product design trends this is translated into multifunctional technology, helping people by adding smart solutions to daily objects and increasing the quality of our lives. Just think for example about kitchen appliances, or about smart home devices, which can make our lives easier…but technology can also help to find solutions to reduce waste and help the environment.

Pikaplant self-watering systems for automatic plant maintenance
Athena collection by Lee are designed to help solve technology-related daily dilemmas
LG Beats Tag by Hyungju Do & Jihye Lee
IKEA’s Frakta multifunctional bag redesigned by HAY
LIGA multifunctional series, pierre alexandre cesbron and matthieu muller
Drape Collection multi-functional trays by Shinya Yoshida

DESIGN TREND #2 | Colorful

After years of minimalism and total white, design is rediscovering color.

Bold and saturated shades are back, like those I talked about  in this post about Color Trends 2018 from Milan Design Week;  blue, red, orange, violet, yellow mustard, green, or also iridescent colors. Interiors become more and more colorful, decorated with color block and geometric motifs. It’s an 80s comeback, but also generally talking about future interior trends it’s an increasing interest towards color-related issues, as demonstrated for example by Pantone’s success in producing design objects.

Read more about Pantone 2018 Ultra Violet decor here

Studio Schneid
The Mellow Collection by Hattern
Jaime Keiter ceramics
Daniel Buren at Tottenham Court Road station, London

the visit studiopepe, brera design apartment, studiopepe milan design week, fuorisalone 2017, italianbark interior design blog,

The Visit by Studiopepe, featured on ITALIANBARK from Milan Design Week 2017

Hidden Tints by Note Design Studio, featured on ITALIANBARK here

Jayme Hayon Torre de Madrid Hotel

andrea antoni, stiluan, pantone. pantone instagram, pantone photography, italianbark interior design blog, pantone yellow

@stiluan on Instagram Pantone project featured on ITALIANBARK here

DESIGN TREND #3 | Movable

Movable, which also means temporary, evolving, assembled, dismantled.

New generations have no fixed roots, people change their homes more and more often; increasingly popular are the digital nomads, living by changing Country and city from time to time and working in the web. Future home design trend is to be smart, inexpensive, easy-to-carry, easy-to-assemble and dismantled. IKEA success starts from this fact and the brand now opens also to well-known designers and brands to design not-expensive, smart and easy furniture.

muji hut movable timber prefab housing project

dutch design week 2016- italianbark interior design blog - dutch design - design fairs europe - eindhoven - envisions

Envisions concept design display the process more than the final design – featured on ITALIANBARK from Dutch Design Week 2016 here

Opendesk to be assembled tool-free
LCMX modular kitchen
Can Sofa, a self-assembly sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Hay
IKEA hack by Reform
Lee Broom movable carousel at Milan Design Week 2017


Design becomes highly tactile. 

Finishes are natural and raw, reflecting a desire for going back to the essential. Marble, granite, terrazzo, raw wood and concrete are some of the most popular materials because of their textures. Handmade products are more and more loved because of their uniqueness and imperfection, with increasing popularity of handmade ceramics, blown glass, weaved rugs, and e-shops selling and promoting handmade design such as Etsy.com. Product design trend goes towards imperfection, tactile and handmade qualities.

Petrified carpets by Studio Ossidiana
Lichen rugs by Jason F. McLennan
Tectonic Series low table by Maarten de Ceulaer for Nilufar Gallery
Bentu Design Terrazzo-Style Furniture from Recycled Ceramic Waste
Comme des Garçons latest parfume
Suite One Studio ceramics

Terrazzo interior trend was featured on ITALIANBARK here

DESIGN TREND #5 | Hybrid

Hybrid means culture mix, style mix, contaminations, pattern.

This is the result of a continuous cultural exchange, virtually thanks to the net, but also in real life thanks to fast and low-cost ways for travelling also on far distances. On the other side it is also the result of people migrations, due to political-economical-natural serious issues that force people to move. This generate new interesting Cross-Culture collaborations, melting pots design collections and also changes our own taste towards design.

Also, the trendiest interior styles are a mix of different moods. I talked for example about  Japandi interior trend, which matches wabi sabi Japanese philosophy with Scandinavian minimalism; or about the  scandi-boho interior style, combining Scandinavian and Bohemian inspiration.

IKEA Jassa
Gucci new decor collection

japandi interior trend, get the perfect japandi style, wabi sabi, minimal zen, italianbark interior design blog, kimono wall

Japandi interior trend, featured on ITALIANBARK here

Acoustic Tapestries by Nicolette Brunklaus, inspired by Morocco
yemenite totem, holon institute of technology
PET lamps are made of wasted PET bottles


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