Jul 7, 2022

DESIGN TRENDS 2023 from Milano | New Trendbook online now

Discover the next DESIGN TRENDS 2023 from Milano Design Week 2022 with our New Trendbook


I’m so happy to share the new Trendbook: DESIGN TRENDS 2023 from Milano

The e-book is a comprehensive collection of the most relevant trends we saw at Milan Salone del Mobile+Fuorisalone.
The e-book is the result of our visit to the most important design event of the year – the Milan Design Week, together with an extensive research on the latest trends in our industry.




I’ve been working on Trendbooks from the Milan Design Week since 2018 and I missed doing this so much during the pandemic. Luckily, this 2022 edition totally met the expectations ( and went beyond them ) so I came back from Milano full of useful and inspiring things to share with you.

This new Trendbook took me a bit longer than usual because:

  • it is completely done by myself. Yes including photos ( a lot! ) as the idea was to share with you a kind of my personal notebook of relevant things I noticed in Milan. Of course, no sponsors nor adv inside

  • it is the longest of the Milan series ( 230 A4 pages ) and with the highest number of featured brands and projects

  • it comes after a work in parallel done instead in video format, of launching and then editing our Trend Talks in collab with Stefan Nillson. The idea was to publish only the edited videos, but then I received lots of requests for the eBook format

  • it is published in a totally new website, called ITALIANBARKlab





What will you learn from it?


With the Trendbook: DESIGN TRENDS 2023 from Milano you will:

      • have the overall vision of the most actual topics and trends in our industry now
      • get to know the current trends from the most relevant Italian &foreign brands
      • learn the top styles and topics emerged from Milano
      • find the key color trends for the next year as seen in Milan
      • understand the innovative materials and designs presented in Milan
      • have a big dose of inspiration till the next Milan Design Week, ( April 2023 )

Does this sound good for you? Go here to get more information!



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