Oct 15, 2021

DESIGN TRENDS | Why curved furniture is the big trend in design for 2022

Design inspiration often comes from the past – and that’s the case for one of the top design trends for 2022, the curved furniture trend.


Did you notice that curved furniture is popping up everywhere now – in interior design, furniture, architecture? Just have a look at some popular posts on Instagram how this furniture trend is becoming more and more popular – for sure, w e can affirm it will be a big trends for furniture in the next year as well.

After many years when the straight lines inspired by 20th-century modernism have been the norm, as well as synonymous with a contemporary style, taste is changing in the opposite direction. From now onwards, curved lines and features once considered old-styled such as arches and curvy edges are synonymous with contemporary and on-trend. 


Olga Ashby interiors


Curved Furniture: the reason behind this trend

The explanation of the change in design is pretty simple – curves are playful and fun. Yet, they reflect our desire for a soft, cosy and also happy home, after these two hard years.

We were sharing two years ago about a macro trend that we defined “the Playful Living Trend” – and here we are, two years later, by seeing the macro trend translated into interiors, design and furniture in curvy designs.

British Vogue recently defined this curved style with his nice name: “puffy furniture”. Curves are welcoming and they evoke a fun yet feminine and gentle world.


Olga Ashby interiors


Curved Furniture Trend : back to the past

Since the early 20th century, arches and curved have been considered retrograde – but today we look back to them, probably because “tired” of them, and we are fascinated by the beautifully crafted expression of the 19th century Art Nouveau.

In the last century, we already saw curvy shapes becoming on-trend again in some decades – in the 20s with the Art Deco, then in the funky and chunky design of the 70s. We are in the beginnings of this 2020 decade – a decade that again will probably be defined by curves.

Catherine Amato & Stanislav Tsoy


New curved furniture designs from the A’Design Award

Designers are always ahead when talking about the trends that will define our living spaces, so it’s always interesting to have a look at the latest design creations to spot some inspirations and news.

By browsing the Furniture Design Category winners of the A’Design Award, we can already find some interesting samples of curvy furniture. Here our selection.

Tie Chair by Shigeki Matsuoka

Livre Armchair by Federica Biasi

Spring Multifunctional Chair by Navid Ghandili

Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair by Chen Kuan-Cheng

Cornnie Corner Seating by Wen-Hsin Tu

Bubble Chair by Grigorii Gorkovenko

Ring Bookshelf by Rama Akel

Blk Storage Mirror by Jinxiang Li

Shell Sofa by Alexey Danilin



A’ Design Awards is the international design award for independent designers from all the world.

The award is open now for Entires for the edition 2021/2022:

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