Apr 2, 2020

DESIGN TRENDS | A new generation of digital interiors and illustrations

In the free Interior Trend Guide two years ago here,


I was sharing about a new design trend involving a new generation of digital interiors and illustrations, driven by the latest technologies. A real new cult for digital illustration, with a new kind of aesthetic evoking tactile effects and organic shapes. That is probably going to influence real interiors as well, in the long term.


Because of the Corona virus crisis,


everything digital and virtual is for sure having a strong acceleration. So let’s expect seeing many interesting news for a new generation of digital interiors too. With the upcoming of the metaverse, architecture for the metaverse will be soon a relevant topic that I am sure we are going ton explore further soon.

|| Discover more: What is the metaverse? 

In the meantime, I am sharing today some inspiring creations by amazing digital artists I discovered on Instagram. Enjoy!


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A new generation of digital interiors



Alexis Christodoulou

Based in Cape Town, he’s one of the most interesting digital artists now with a huge Instagram fanbase




Studio Brasch

The output of a Stockholm-based creative studio, founded by Anders Brasch-Willumsen.




Shali + Adam Kelly

Visual Citizens is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialising in the creation of dreams and invention of surreal-alities




Peter Tarka

A digital art studio based in London




A Spanish Instagram account sharing amazing views by digital artists and brands.


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