Mar 21, 2023


From fashion to design and interiors – the key word is metallic. But what metal finish is in style for 2023 and 2024? Be inspired in this article.


Metal finishes come back in cycles in interior design.

You probably will remember there were some years in the 2010s when everything was copper and gore gold. In the last few years – the preference went to brass, more specifically the un-lacquered one, with that patina that makes it a “lived-in” material. There were also decades before when the trend instead was towards chromed finishes, the super polished one ( think to the 80s, for example ).

So metallic is back ( did it ever go out of style? ).

Metallic is back


But – what metal finish is in style for the next years?

The new trend is aluminum. Because it’s sustainable, extremely versatile, lightweight, and can range from glossy and polished to more matte to textured black finishes. 

Another metal to take into consideration now is for sure stainless steel.


Normann Copenhagen


Metallic / What’s new 

As mentioned, the metallic trend is something that comes back in cycle and of course for some elements of interiors it’s nothing new. What’s new is that metallic finishes are now extending to elements which previously were in totally different materials, For example, metallic finishes are a new option for washbasins, or for kitchen tops and doors – easy to clean, durable, modern. 

Stainless steel has been very popular in kitchen design for many years, especially for industrial ones, but it is now having a big resurgence. It is a classic choice and a very practical material, easy to clean and maintain, it doesn’t corrode or rust.


Daytrip Studio via


Metallic the Design Trend explained

The metallic trend is part of a wider wave of aesthetics recalling a “back to the future” mood. In fact, there is a whole major trend referring to a retro futuristic style, that started from the catwalks and it’s coming in interiors as well, bringing a new futurist look into the fashion.  

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Andrés Reinsinger office by Isern Serra via

What do you think of this trend?

Personally, I love this trend – even if as always I think we should always choose one finish instead of another according to the whole project and the mood you want to achieve. For example, even if metallic finishes like copper may have been a bit out of style, they could look great in a space all designed on light but earthy hues. Or you could also choose a finish which is not on trend just to add a distinguishing detail to your project, maybe a retro inspired one. As always, it’s good to be updated about how tastes are changing and about the direction of trends – but the very last choice is made by you and your own taste.

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