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DESIGN TRENDS | Podcast: Discussing about Coronavirus impact on design


Hello guys, we are in our third week of lockdown in Italy and it’s time to start discussing and brainstorm a bit about what’s happening.

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Once having passed the first stage of shock, and somehow once having gotten used to staying home, I think it’s now really essential to have a positive and constructive approach to this situation.  Our mental health is as much as important as our physical one and I believe that, by sharing opinions with others, by researching, by starting new projects, we can really face this situation in a better way.

As a start, we are taking the opportunity of a discussion between the Trend Members to create a podcast where we share some thoughts on what’s happening. Together with Ana Luiza and Marlon of SOMA_Studio Milano, in fact, we did some research about the Coronavirus impact on design and interiors, by replying to the members’ questions on this topic. In the podcast, we are sharing some point of views on how our industry may change and adapt because of the pandemic, discussing about our homes, new needs, environment and so on. We have also talked a bit about our own lockdown experiences and how we are coping with it in order to remain creative and mentally well.

This is the first of a series of initiatives and thoughts I would like to share in these “special” days.

Stay tuned on IB blog and on Instagram here, and let’s keep all positive and safe!


TREND PODCAST | Discussing about Coronavirus impact on design and interiors

How may coronavirus pandemic affect our industry?


We are sharing some thoughts by replying to these questions. Listen our Trend Podcast here.

  1. How this international lockdown might impact consumption behaviour ?
  2. Do you think this crisis will create new opportunities for local designers and craftsmanship?
  3. Do you think that the lockdown that is happening in many countries, starting from China and Italy, is going to change the way we live in our homes in the long term?
  4. How the present situation is going to affect design?
  5. Do you think this new way of working, the home office, will become a trend after this situation?
  6. How the Coronavirus will impact our shopping experience?

Listen to our Trend Podcast on Spotify at this link and let me know your thoughts!