Nov 15, 2017

10 Design Finds from the DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2017

The last post from Dutch Design Week 2017 is a small and random report of products and Dutch design brands I noted while in Eindhoven. What’s your favourite?

dutch design finds

Matrix System by osandoss

The Matrix project is a system that allows endless configurations and constructions. The base concept is derived from architectural constructions: the Matrix is built up of individual ribs, the ribs can be designed any which way. This allows the system to be applied to products as well as interior features, or even architectural structures themselves. osandoss


Pattern Samples by Hansje van Halem Studio 


Hansje van Halem runs her studio in Amsterdam since 2003. She has great love for typography, book design and all other types of printed matter. Besides creating letters, textures and patterns (digitally and manually) she loves to structure information and solve editorial problems with typography and materialisation. hansje


Nord Interior Design

Nord Interior Design is a design studio based in Rotterdam. Love their minimalistic, graphical lines and simple style. Steel and wood matched with textile and green make the products. Less is beautiful. nordinteriordesign


De Intuitiefabriek


I discovered thework of this Dutch studio at the beautiful exhibit “Fundamentals” by Dutch Invertuals, a giant moodboard showcasing the tools designers use to create their products. De Intuitiefabriek combined their recent porcelain research ‘Flock‘ with their love for glassware. Each glass column has its own collision with a flock cilinder that gives it the function of a vase. De Intuitiefabriek


Atelier Chaos by Sandra de Groot


I noticed the KNOT’s textiles sculptures at the beautiful Piet Hein Eek atelier, one of my favourite spots at the Dutch Design Week (also this year, as it was last year). Sandra de Groot is a young Dutch designer working also an artist.  sandradegroot 


Post Modern Postcards by Woes van Haaften and Roosje van Donselaar 


Post Modern features a growing collection of affordable postcard sized artworks created by well-known artists and designers. These collector’s items, mainly one-offs, have been made exclusively for Post Modern. Often artists and designers produce bigger, pricier works. Post Modern challenges them to tell their ‘story’ on a small scale and to make them accessible for a broader audience. postmodern



Luce Solida by Lea Baert


I noticed Lea Baert work at theEnlighten” exhibit by Dutch Invertuals. Luce Solida is created with a brass structure, wax and fiber: her exploration led to a solid, marble-like material, created by mixing the polyester leftovers with translucent wax. The precisely cut pieces play with light like a stained glass window, fitting perfectly together like a piece of marquetry. Every element of the triptych can be altered by hand to shape incoming daylight and play with the material’s intriguing qualities. leabaert


OZ by Skonne


Oz is a carpet with a pattern design that contains numerous nature inspired shapes and details. Thanks to the Carpet Creator you can select either a subtle or a more bold area of choice.  skonne


Liga by ligastudio


I found this and the next products at the Kazerne, another of the Dutch Design Week locations you can’t missLIGA is a range of storage furniture, a box, a bedside and a coffee table. These objects draw their identity in a color game, expressed by a gradient, which arises from the tension exerted by the ligature. The ligature links the top part to the bottom part and acts as a central hinge. ligastudio


Presence by Sandra Lundeberg

Presence is a wall lamp which activates by people presence. The closer you get to the wall lamp, the brighter the light becomes. Standing still for too long or walking away from its reach, will cause the light to fade out.  sandralundberg

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