Nov 1, 2017

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 2017 | 8 design finds from the Design Academy Eindhoven

Back from the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven,  I start by telling you about my favourite location, the DAE. Design Academy Eindhoven is recognized as one of the most influential design schools in the world and it’s a great place where to look for interesting and new design ideas.

The Graduation Show 2017, under the title of “Mined” (aka, 1 It takes time, patience and perseverance to dig up a treasure), showcased over 175 projects on three floors, ranging all the design fields from product design to more conceptual pieces. For the second year in a row Design Academy Eindhoven commissioned Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma to curate the Graduation Show.

Here eight designers and their inventions I noticed at the Graduation Show 2017 in Eindhoven.

||| At this link you can enjoy the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2016 finds

dutch design week graduation show 2017 best

1 | Flux Rug by Tamara Van Roij

This rug mimics the look of a digital device, but there is nothing digital to it. Tamara van Roij capture the dynamics and colors of screen technology in a textile rug, with three embroidered layers of viscose yarns – yellow, magenta and cyan –. By choosing a different direction for each layer, the rug gets a new look when viewed from a different angle, and also when the light changes.

2 | Blue Pottery by Kirsten Boers

Blue pottery is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient ceramic. Kirsten Boers has reinvented the recipe and the production methods of traditional blue Jaipur ceramics, allow for firing at higher temperatures and the use of various new techniques to aid reproduction. They can be applied by local craftsmen, who can now sell and ship their stronger, reproducible wares more easily to anywhere in the world.

3 | Standing Textiles by Fransje Gimbrere

These fragile looking textile skeletons are actually strong and sturdy structures, applicable in interior design and architecture. Fransje Gimbrere created an experimental series of textile sculptures in 3D built up, thread by thread, on custom-made weaving looms. The rope is coated with resin to retain its shape and it can be replaced by any kind of wire; the structures can take on any size or shape with a constant change of pattern.

4 | Layers of Mind Cabinet by Seoyoon Kwon

ph Femke Rijerman

Seoyoon Kwon describes our personality as a layered structure with a variable content and she designed a series of cabinets that play with the concept of hide and seek. Depending on how much of your inner self you want to show, you can slide open the silk-covered doors or increase opacity.

5 | Dining Toys by Roxanne Brennen

ph Iris Rijskamp

With ‘Dining Toys,’ Roxanne Brennen explored the similarities between eating and sex. She creates a dining set, inspired by sexuality, which helps us to rediscover the tastes, smells, textures and sounds of food. She invites us to lose control, and make eating every bit as playful and adventurous as sex.

6 | Light Passage by Jasper Luijten

ph Femke Rijerman

We use blinds to block or filter daylight from our interiors. ‘Light Passage’, by Jasper Luijten, it’s a series of blinds with graphic patterns cut into the surface, transforming each piece from a blank filter into a playful canvas of optical effects. They are brought to life with the shifting of the light, as shadows come and go in an atmospheric interplay that is always changing.

7 | Dutch Wife by Aram Lee

The Dutch Wife is a body sized bolster cushion made from bamboo mesh, used as a bed-companion in the former Dutch Indies, now Indonesia.

8 | Twenty by Mirjam de Bruijn

ph Femke Rijerman

From creams to cleaning agents, most of our household products contain more than 80 percent water. Mirjam de Bruijn proposes with ‘Twenty’ is a cleaning set concentrated into soluble granules, a tablet and liquid capsule. Once home, it’s just a matter of turning on the tap and giving it all a good mix.


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