by Elisabetta Rizzato

E-design is an exciting design option, an alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer that works regardless of your geographic location.

In fact, everything is delivered right to you via email as a masterplan for creating an interior. Online interior design can work for interior decoration, relooking, refurbishments, but also for commercial interiors and more complex residential projects. So, if you love ITALIANBARK style but you don’t live in Italy, the good news is that I can design your house or interior regardless of your location!

Basically, you can stay home, e-mail to us, and we will send you a full package of drawing that will contain all the info you need to create the home of your dreams. Each e-design project is original and created to fit your own taste, budget, space, personally designed by us.

e-design: How it works


First questionnaire and quote

Fill out our short first questionnaire to tell us more about what do you need and receive the quote for your specific design project. There is not fixed price, as for experience we know that each project is different from others so it’s impossible to offer simple price packages.

Once the quote is approved and signed, we can start working together on your wonderful project. Before starting, we will also ask you for the 50% of the final price, while the further 50% will be paid at the end. Working online is all about mutual trust and we experienced that this is the best payment options for both sides.

Fill out the questionnaire or write me at to tell me more about your needs.


Understanding your taste and needs

This is the most important step of the process. In fact, by giving us the most complete info about the current situation, your taste and your needs, you will help us to put together the perfect online interior design project. That’s why we will ask you to fill another questionnaire, more detailed than the previous one. Plus, we also will ask you to share your Pinterest or Houzz profile, where you can show us some images of interiors you like in a very fast way.

Together with this, we will also ask you for the dimensions of the space, including height, but also any other element that may be useful for the design (ex. existing lightings, facilities, etc). Last thing, we will ask you about your budget to make the project.


Concept Design

It’s finally time to create! We will send you (approx. after 5 working days) a moodboard, that’s to say a board which will recap the style of the project, the materials, colors, and any useful image to explain you the concept. Together with this, we will also send you 2 layout options for your space.

Then it’s your turn: we will need your feedback on this step, before proceeding to the further one. We can have a chat on skype or via e-mail, according to your preferences!


Final Design

After discussing on your feedback on Step3, it’s time to work on the final online interior design project delivery. This will include the final layout, plus a concept board with sketches/details that will help you in visualizing the final result. Together with this, you will receive a list of items that you can easily purchase online: you will save a lot of time and stress, because you will not need to go around showrooms and shops.

According to the project complexity, we can also send you some rendered views for interiors, elevations, more detailed drawings: these are additional services we are offering and quoting, in the first step of the e-design process, so you always know what’s the final price of the service from the beginnings.


Enjoy your new space and do not forget to send to us the photos of the final result.

We love to keep in touch with our clients…and there is s a good chance for your new interior to be featured on !

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