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7+ fabric lamps, to dress up the light #DESIGNTIME 08

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Dress your home with light“, that’s the topic for this month on #designtime.

What about dressing up the light itself?

For my post, today a selection of  lights that have been covered in fabrics and similar, inspired by the lightness of cotton, of linen, of new materials. Old shapes reinvented in new objects, lamps inspired by the nature, to dress the light and the home itself. And don’t be fooled by the total white moodboard: there’s also space left for the colour in my selection.

Among these 7+ fabric lamps , some are in the very top of my wish list: take note!


Vestire la casa con la luce“, il tema di questo Novembre di #designtime.

E se invece vestissimo proprio la luce?

La luce diventa un vero e proprio oggetto da “vestire”. Di cotone leggero, di lino, ma non solo. Forme tradizionali reinventate in oggetti nuovi e leggeri, paralumi ispirati da forme naturali, per vestire prima la luce e poi la casa stessa. E non fatevi ingannare dalla moodboard, c’è spazio anche per il colore, alla fine.

Tra queste 7+ tipologie diverse di lampade, ce ne sono alcune nella mia wish list…ora vi lancio una sfida, chi mi aiuta a sapere se qualche modello tra queste lampade è in vendita anche in Italia??



FABRIC LAMP 01 | Koushi Lamp

fabric lamp-mark eden schooley lamp


Koushi Lamp , designed by Photographer Mark Eden Schooley , became a real trend in the blogosphere. You probably have already seen these images tons of times… but I’m still not bored of it. I think its mix of ethnic mood and lightness is just perfect  ♥

These cool yet very simple lamps are handmade from cotton, steel and wire and cotton and available two sizes: 45x60cm and 75x120cm. They are sold online at Artilleriet , but in the net you can find also many tutorials for doing your DIY Koushi Lamp (here, for example)

koushi lamp, fabric lamps, italianbark interior design blog

fabric-lamps-koushi-lamp-paola navone

fabric lamp-mark eden schooley lamp 2

koushi lamp-fabric lamps

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FABRIC LAMP 02 | Z1 pendant cotton light 

z1-cotton-lamp-nelson-sepuvelda, fabric lamps, italianbark interior design blog


Z1 Pendant Light, designed by Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate is another must have in terms of fabric lamps.

Inspired by nature, the lamp is composed by a bamboo frame and a cotton shade, which makes it looks so light despite its big dimensions (diameter 67 cm 100 cm height). From this first Z1 lamp, came a series of variations you can find in Ay Illuminate website





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FABRIC LAMP 03 | Z2 Ona sisal pendant light 


Z2 Ona Sisal is one of these variations i told you about below of the first Z1 cotton lamp.

This lamp is created with bamboo frame as well, but covered in hand knitted tea dyed sisal produced in Swaziland. Indeed, this sisal is a collaboration with the Gone Rural project and handmade by local women, to give them a place to work. So, it’s more than just a beautiful design lamp  ♥



fabric lamp-mark eden schooley lamp - dark



FABRIC LAMP 04 | Lampe Moire


The Lampe Moire is designed by Marc Sarrazin for Petite Friture, a lovely French design e-shop.

Lamp Moire is a series of modular lights covered with a textile mesh that can be used as hanging lamps, pendant lamps or floor lamps. The result is a simple geometric lamp which creates beautiful effects with light




1. 2.


FABRIC LAMP 05 | Cumulus pendant light


Cumulus Pendant light , designed and made in Australia by Enoki 

This light, covered in white or coloured cotton, comes flatpacked and you can assemble (simply) at home, just watch the assembly video here! However the very new member of the Enoki product family is the Cumulus Nude: naked without its fabric and with its core structure on view. 

A lamp more suitable to commercial interiors perhaps, more than a fabric lamp that suits best the home interiors. Which one do you prefer?





1. 2. 3.


FABRIC LAMP 06 | Kuu lamp



Kuu Lamp by the Swedish designers collective Designer Stories, now sold on Hem

Meaning “moon” in Finnish, the Kuu shade is made from leftover sunscreen fabric which gives a form that is both structured and purposely imperfect. Shipping flat, it eschews extraneous packaging and is assembled through a simple drawstring mechanism.







FABRIC LAMP 07 | Elements series


Elements is a brand new series of lamps designed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio for Zero

What I love from these simple lamps? The design inspirations. Indeed, the colours are based on the observation of light observed over Scandinavian mountains, and reproduced in the fabric pastel colours.

Sounds soooo poetic!




FABRIC LAMP 07+ | Lampshade cluster


This is the outsider I’ve listed with 7+ as it’s very different from the previous lamps, even if the idea come from vintage shapes and the main material is fabric.

However, the style is completely different from the other lamps, very eclectic, maybe quite difficult to be used…but I’ve always loved these clusters of lampshades since I saw them in this colourful Scandinavian home I’ve featured on the blog  two years ago, and I saw them again during last  London Design Festival here.

You can do them yourself, but if you are as lazy as incapable on this as I am, you can compose your own one at !



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PS: Non vedo l’ora di vedere come hanno interpretato lo stesso tema le mie colleghe, diamo un’occhiata alla pagina Facebook di Designtime? E mi perdonate se non ho trascritto tutto in italiano vero??



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