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February interior design inspirations

february interior design inspirations @italianbark

february interior design inspirations @italianbark


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This February didn’t seem the shortest month of the year at all. So many news!

News in my daily routine and professional life. A brand new editorial calendar. A project on the other side of the world (really) that is finally taking shape. The discover of a new beautiful city I’ve never considered before.

About two first points, I’ve already told you something…about third and fourth points, let’s wait for next month, I’m going to share something more from Ljubjana, and hopefully something from Perth!

[dropcap]What else? I’m starting to renovate my home as well.  I’m talking about my home office: since I’m going to spend more time here, it really needs a full declutter and a refresh. The project has started last Tuesday with my home office decluttering: step zero and will last during next March.  And I’m so happy that many of you are taking part in the #myhomeoffice challenge I’ve launched last week, by sharing your own desks and inspirations about home workspaces.

If you want to take part as well (hope so!), you can just follow on Pinterest  #myhomeoffice board (just follow the board and I will invite you to pin), or uploads your pic on Instagram with hashtag #myhomeoffice‬ e tag @italianbark

[highlight]The Pink Dog is going to built something at the end with all your images![/highlight]

Now, my random selection of my fav interior design inspirations from italianbark Pinterest of this long February!



Let’s start as for every Monthly Inspirations post with some interior design inspirations I would have included in 

I’d like to live here

february interior design inspirations - all white living room - italianbark

febryuary interior design inspirations - industrial style living -italianbark

february interior design inspirations - pastel pink kitchen

february interior design inspirations - white pink interior, pink muuto visu chair

february interior design inspiration - dusty pink bedroom

february interior design inspirations - home office corner

1. THIS is an all-white living room! (via) 2. Love this industrial style dining corner (by LivingAgency via Sfgirlbybay)  3. Kitchen with pink pastels accents from IKEA Livet Hemma (house of stylist Frida) 4. White, brighteness and a pink Muuto Visu chair on background from this bedroom in Stadshem (via)  5. More pink this month, with this bedroom in dusty shades from Jotun catalogue ( styling Kråkvik & D’Orazio , via la maison d’AnnaG) 6. How beautiful is the idea of this home office corner? (Img from Bolia Design Award 2014 via bungalow5)


February,  month of the love. which colour fits better than pink?

It’s also one of my favourite interior trends of 2015.

(this fab colour combinations is by Logan Ledford, American artist)

february inspirations - pink colour palette

february inspirations - pink colour palette


Ljubjana has really been one little big discovery of my travel.

This is another Original interior I’ve spotted on We Heart, an hairdresser called YOUNG MIC STYLING, love the pop athmosphere!

february interior design inspirations - ljubjana interior

monthly interior design inspirations - original interiors ljubjana

Very different style, but same city, for AS Aperitivo lounge bar by Nika Zupanc (via Yellowtrace)


Some new interesting original finds from this February  from the net:

february interior inspirations - grand budapest illustrations
citta design - monthly original finds

february interior design inspiration - diy paper chandelier

february interior inspirations - finds - paola navone for rubelli @italianbark

1. A pink theme on Grand Budapest illustrations by Barcelona-based designer Lorena G 2. Love this collection by Citta (this one, Deco Deco, was inspired by 1920’s Paris) 3.  A crush with this giant paper DIY chandelier. There’s also a tutorial for doing it, on Aparthment Therapy 3. Fabrics by by Paola Navone for Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli (img via)


 Quote of the month :

Yes, this sounds true. but really don’t easy to put into practice -so many nights awake for this! (via)

quote of the month @italianbark


This dog seems to love pink as well.

And I love his house, part of Architecture for Dogs: a project created by Japanese curator and architect Kenya Hara with a group of architects and designers (img via trendland). Barking!

february interior design inspirations - architecture for dogs - @italianbark

For many other inspirations and ideas,
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Questo Febbraio non è proprio sembrato il mese più corto dell’anno. Così tante novità!

Novità nella mia routine quotidiana e vita professionale. Un nuovo calendario editoriale. Un progetto dall’altra parte del mondo (si proprio opposta) che finalmente sta prendendo forma. La scoperta di una bellissima città qui vicino che prima non avevo considerato.

Dei primi due punti, un pò già ve ne ho parlato qualche giorno fa…degli altri due, condividerò ancora qualcosa da Ljubjana nel prossimo mese, e spero pure qualcosa da Perth!

[dropcap]Cos’altro? mi sono pure impegnata a sistemare un pò casa. A partire dall’angolo ufficio, visto che ci passerò più tempo qui, e ora davvero necessita di un bel declutter e restyling generale. Il progetto è partito martedì scorso, con lo step zero, e durerà per quasi tutto Marzo. E sono così contenta di vedere che tanti di voi stanno partecipando a #myhomeoffice, un hashtag che ho lanciato per rendere tutto il progetto un pò più interattivo, in cui potete condividere le vostre scrivanie, i vostri angoli ufficio, o le vostre ispirazioni sul tema.

Partecipare è semplicissimo, basta seguire la board  #myhomeoffice su Pinterest (e io vi inviterò a pinnare), o caricare le immagini su instagram con #myhomeoffice e tag @italianbark.

[highlight]Il cagnetto ha intenzione di costruirci qualcosa alla fien con tutte le vostre immagini![/highlight]