Feb 11, 2022

INTERIOR TIPS | Why a bed in the middle can be a smart choice

Floating bed in the middle of the room. Ever considered this option?


Maybe you didn’t – but actually it can be a good solution for your bedroom design as well.

I always try to suggest new layout solutions to our clients ( you can find more about italianbark interior design services here ) and we recently ended a consultation with that, so I though about sharing with you some tips.

Also – did you know that floating furniture is one of the key trends for the next year?

Let’s see together some inspirations!


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A bedroom layout with bed in the middle

Our client was superhappy about the result, and she did not consider at all placing the bed in the middle!

But actually, her bedroom is quite spacious and above all it is totally glazed on one side with a large window, but on the opposite side it was impossible to place the headboard as that wall has a sliding door. Problem solved by floating with bed in the middle of the room. The bed-in the middle layout however is not always possible: for example, my bedroom is small in size with the classic square plan and it is almost impossible to arrange the bed in a different way from the classic one, that is against a wall.



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Floating Bed / Why Yes Why Not

But, if your room has a narrow and long layout, or it is quite spacious, floating the bed in the middle of the bedroom is definitely an interesting option to consider:

  • The first benefit is that you can get new storage space on the side of the headboard, that space which is usually lost in the standard solution
  • The second benefit is to visually enlarge the bedroom. Opposite to what you may think, in fact, arranging the furniture away from walls helps to enlarge the space!



Floating bed in the middle / How to choose it

The perfect bed for this layout is a bed with a platform, or a simple basic bed without headboard. Well, what about the bedside tables?

You can keep them and, instead of the headboard, you can arrange a chest of drawers, high enough to visually recreate a bed headboard and wide enough to support the bedside tables. If the back, as often happens, is unfinished, you can apply a made-to-measure plywood or similar to finish the bed side. In place of the nightstands you could use as support for a table lamp and stuff the chest of drawers itself (or the furniture you are going to use instead of the headboard). Finally, you could also use the back of the bed to place a desk. Or as a divider to corned used as open wardrobe!

I’ll show you now some examples to better explain these options. What do you think?

|| Going for a standard solution? Here you will find the latest ideas for headboard design


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