FLOORING TRENDS | What will be inside people homes in 2021?

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It’s a new year, which means new flooring trends. While things may be hard at the moment, the one thing we can do is to jazz up our interior and really get ahead of the styles. And what better way to do that than to refresh your floors? 2020 saw herringbone wood and luxury vinyl tiles really take off, so what’s in store for 2021? 2020 and 2021 are the years of organisation and revamping interiors, so it’s even more important to get it right this time!

Although flooring trends don’t change that dramatically annually, it’s worth having a look and reminding ourselves what’s hot if we are looking to get ahead of the fashions. So, here are some of the flooring trends to look forward to for this year and the best place to lay them in your home. Be inspired!

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Flooring Trends 2021

Be inspired and Choose the right flooring for your Home


Whitewashed Wood / Flooring Trends 2021


We think that being stuck inside all year has made a lot of us crave a naturalistic interior. Maybe that’s why house plants have really taken off? It’s all about beiges and browns this season, but beige isn’t really the best colour for a floor. That’s why whitewashed wood is a fantastic choice. It’s brightening appearance will allow your interior to remain fresh looking and minimal, but with that extra shabby vintage look from the grains and knots of the wood. As much as minimalistic interior is all the rage right now, it can’t be denied that a bit of hippy chic never goes amiss and makes things that slight but more homely. One of the best things about whitewashed wood is that it complements nearly every interior style, from contemporary, rustic to classic. You can choose between lots of wood types, plank sizes and thicknesses too so customise your whitewashed wood to your heart’s content. If solid wood flooring is slightly out of your budget, then engineered wood is a cheaper alternative or even laminate or luxury vinyl tiles. 


Thee Birds Renovation



Patterned Luxury Vinyl Tiles / Flooring Trends 2021


Stay retro with patterned vinyl. Although vinyl has a reputation of being outdated and ugly, the new luxury vinyl tiles offer great luxury at an affordable price – as well as looking so stylish! So, in terms of type, patterned vinyl has made a real comeback with abstract patterns to vintage florals rocking the flooring world in 2021. Black and white will always be on trend as well as neutral colours such as whites and greys. Although it is true that you can have too many patterns, pairing patterned vinyl with plain walls and furnishings give you that good balance of pattern and plain. You can be too careful keeping everything plain then it can make your home look cold and uninviting! There’s no harm having some pattern and it’ll keep things tastefully interesting. 

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Bobby Berk via


Eco flooring


It’s clear that most of us are more concerned about our carbon footprint than ever before, so it makes total sense that eco-friendly flooring is all the rage right now. Although eco flooring isn’t restricted to one option, there’s certainly ways you can be more selective in your choice to ensure you do your best to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible. Concrete is an unusual but trendy choice, it is placed down, left to cry then glossed over to create a beautiful hard wearing and shiny floor, completely unique! Choosing a vinyl and laminate that is made from recycled materials is always a good shout and bamboo and cork floors are much more sustainable than synthetic carpets. Even wool carpets aren’t a bad choice, as well as being really warm and insulating! 


Tarkett IQ flooring



Wide Planks / Flooring Trends 2021


2020 saw herringbone really take off and it is still at the height of fashion, but have you ever considered wide plank wood floors? They’re great at making smaller rooms look bigger and add that neutral elegance that so many of us want in our interiors. It will offer you a traditional look with a modern twist and is even better at showing off the wood’s natural imperfections of knots and grains, ideal for a rustic vibe. Once more wide planks suits both dark and honey coloured wood, so it will work well with whatever your preference is. 

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We can’t stress the importance and style of grey enough. A strong trend in 2020 and still continues to be, we can’t see grey going out of fashion any time soon. It’s tranquil and neutral appearance means it works well in any room and any interior theme as well as keeping us away from boring magnolia. A grey herringbone wood floor will work wonders in your hallway or a dusty grey laminate in your kitchen. Be careful which grey you go for on your floors though, as lighter grey tends to look much better than darker tones!

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