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FLOS lamps, a moodboard and a special sale for U.S. readers!

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Today, a mission impossible: put together a FLOS lamps selection.

Because each lamp from this Italian brand is beautiful, you already know this.

So I’ve created my FLOS moodboard matching design icons with the brand design news: as I do for other home shopping moodboards you can find here, I use to match iconic brands with design news, and create a sort of reminder of brands and online shops.

Here, a reminder of must-have lamps: if you’re not so lucky to have them inside your homes, at least have it in your mind!

However, there’s a surprise: maybe it’s not so difficult to buy your favourite FLOS lamp amd have it in your home, as there’s a special sale for US in the FLOS Official website I’m happy to share this with ITALIANBARK readers

This FLOS lighting sale is offering a 15% discount till the 22nd October…so hurry up and choose your favourite lamp!


In my FLOS moodboard you can find my favourites:

ONE Taraxacum 2

> created by Achille Castiglioni

TWO Taraxacum 88

> created in 1960 by Achille Castiglioni. The original design contained 60 bulbs hidden under a transparent diffuser, and take its name from the  scientific word for the very common plant — the dandelion

THREE 2097

> an ultra-modern representation of the classic mid-century traditional chandelier created by Gino Sarfatti. It holds 30 to 50 incandescent bulbs!


> designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2010. They created a minimal lamp with just the essence of the source of light and its cord, to be located and moved in different positions. There’s also a new version in smaller size available!


> designed by Sebastian Wrong in 2003, inspired by visual capabilities of fluid dynamics. I LOVE the white version ♥

SIX Copycat

> designed by Michael Anastassiades, it’s a new refined lamp by FLOS: “Two spheres just touch each other. One small, in a precious material, placed under the ‘shadow’ of the large one, in illuminated glass.”


> designed by Michael Anastassiades, it’s another news by FLOS. Its beautiful simplicity is inspired by the juggling act of balancing sphere and baton, while the letters ‘IC’ denote the identity code used to evaluate immigrants entering the UK. This component of balance also relates to the lives of these immigrants as they juggle to adjust to a new society and its demands.

EIGHT String

> designed by Michael Anastassiades, first presented during Milan’s Euroluce 2013. String success id due to its minimal simplicity, yet to its innovative way of decorating the interior space with the lamp cables more than with the single lamp itself!

NINE 265

> created by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973. With its long orientable arm it became a design icon!


Let’s be inspired now!


flos-lamps-selection-265-ITALIANBARK-interiordesignblog 2




  1. 265 lamp 2. Aim lamp, featured in this London loft 3. Aim lamp in white version 4. Spun lamp, white 5. 2097 pendant light > sources: FLOS Pinterest 



Mettere insieme una moodboard con una selezione dal marchio FLOS è stata un’impresa quasi impossibile.

Sono tutte belle, che ve lo sto a dire.

Un po’ come faccio per tutte le altre moodboard per lo shopping (le trovate qui), mettendo insieme brand storici e nomi nuovi, qui ho deciso di fare un mix tra icone di design e di novità nel campo dell’illuminazione. Insomma un pro-memoria di quelle lampade che secondo me proprio non dovrebbero mancare, se non nelle nostre case, perlomeno nella nostra testa.

Ve ne racconto brevemente la storia e qualche curiosità…mentre nel sito FLOS USA c’è in corso un’interessantissima promozione con tutte le lampade scontate fino al 22 ottobre. La trovate qui!