Nov 19, 2019

ITALIAN DESIGN | 4 beautiful freestanding bathtub designs by Antoniolupi

The charm of a freestanding Italian bathtub design is undeniable.

A beautiful freestanding bathtub can make  the look of a bathroom, by truly adding an unique touch of style. That’s why free standing tubs are so on trend right now.

Such a distinguished piece in a bathroom can also help in raising the value of your home. In addition to this, freestanding bathtubs are also much more versatile than built-in ones, and are available on so many styles, shapes and sizes.

We are sharing in this article four surprising freestanding bathtub designs that will add for sure a luxury touch of style in your bathroom. They are all part of the collections by Italian bathroom design brand antoniolupi.  

|| Be inspired:

4  Freestanding Italian Bathtub Designs

by antoniolupi



The super small freestanding bathtub design

MASTELLO, designed by Mario Ferrarini


Mastello is an ergonomic bathtub. It is beautiful yet at the same time very functional, thanks to the comfortable integrated seat and the edge that rises gently towards one of the ends and acts as a headrest. Mastello is also very versatile and thanks to its small size can fit also in smaller bathrooms. Surprisingly, in fact, the tub is only 135 cm but it can comfortably accommodate people over 195 cm. tall. ‘Mastello’ in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing which inspired the design of this bathtub. The “Mastello” in old Italian houses used to be placed in the middle of the room and it was the centre around which to play, tell stories, and share emotions. Made in Flumood®, Mastello is characterized by fluid lines and by a candid surface totally without interruptions.


Flumood® is a material composed, for the most part, from aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics it’s perfect to make washbasins and tops, but reveal his ductility even when employed for making other elements. The versatility of Flumood® allows to create any form, to break new ground, to interpret different needs.




The colorful transparent freestanding bathtub design

REFLEX, designed by AL Studio


Reflex is a minimalist bathtub characterised by neat shapes and colours. The uniqueness of Reflex is that it is the first transparent bathtub, available in a surprising range of colors. In fact, this bathtub is made of Cristalmood®, a new material by antoniolupi characterized by its transparency. Available in Fumè, Thus Nebbia, Ocra, Bottle, Petroleum, Ginger, Cobalt, Sangria, Amber and Lime, the Reflex bathtub can add a touch of color, elegance and originality to any bathroom.


 Cristalmood® is a colored resin, transparent with a glossy finish, composed of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments. It is really resistant and, thanks to its special composition, it also weights bout 30% less than other similar materials.



The organic freestanding bathtub design

DUNE TUB, designed by Mario Ferrarini


Dune is a freestanding bathtub inspired by organic design.  Born from a simple sign, harmonious, without edges, it evokes the shape of sand dunes, as its name “Dune” suggests. It is the perfect design piece to create a small oasis of wellbeing inside a bathroom. The tub design is developed circularly but the shape of the upper edge (sinusoidal development) and the two off center circles that define the external shell and the seat of the tub gives you altogether a different view depending on the angle of the observer. Internally, it is designed according to various angles of inclination, so you can decide among different postures.



The bathtub for the book-addicted

BIBLIO, designed by Nevio Tellatin


Biblio is a bathtub with integrated front and side compartments. Totally versatile, it is a freestanding tub where the shelves are the real protagonist. The shelving unit can be placed on the side, on the front or on both of them, can be used as a bookcase or simply as a holder for towels and other beauty accessories, or -why not- for example for plants and greeneries. Biblio is half a bathtub and half a furniture element, perfect to decorate your bathroom  with style.



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