Feb 19, 2024

DESIGN TRENDS | From warm minimalism to colourful minimalism

Turning from warm minimalism to colourful minimalism design trend: be inspired by these new Trend themes for 2024/5 .


In this article, I am sharing one of the key 04 Trend Themes 2024/5 for interiors and design. You can find a full recap in my Webinar | Interior Trends 2024 and whole guide of this years trend in the 2024 Trend Guide.

These Trend Themes are part of a wider research carried out at the beginning of last year, as part of TRENDBARK Trend Services, providing brands with clear directions about future years trends’. In particular, the research is aimed at identifying the key styles, colors, materials, shapes, that will be popular in the upcoming years through concept boards, in order to give clear directions to my clients and help them creating more profitable products and collections.

Be inspired today by the next evolution of the warm minimalist trend : the fun “Colorful Minimalism.”


Trend Theme 01

Colourful Minimalism design trend 2024/5

Drawing inspiration from the modern Mediterranean, this trend harmoniously fuses spa-like serenity with a holistic celebration of color. Imagine serene shades evoking the tranquility of azure waters, sun-drenched terracotta, and earthy tones encapsulating the sensory allure of a Mediterranean retreat.

Let’s see more in detail the Colourful Minimalism design trend.




The Colourful Minimalism trend is the evolution of the trend presented for 2023 called Life is Now.

Life is Now” was all about rediscovering well being by going back to the essential, to the roots, to authenticity and to a sort of frugality. In design that means a return to the made by hand, means using natural materials, means also going back to more natural shapes. In 2022 I was predicting for 2023 lots of curves, arches, a big love for travertine. The palette – to be inspired by warm and desert colors, with a 70s feel.

The Colourful Minimalism design trend starts from the same vibe of Life is Now but gets a more Mediterranean and fun twist, incorporating color but still by keeping a minimalist feel.


Colourful Minimalism design trend / keywords

  • modern mediterranean
  • spa-like
  • holistic
  • sensorial
  • relaxed

Colourful Minimalism design trend / colors

Drawing inspiration from the serene ambiance of the Mediterranean, the aim is to infuse the delightful sense of relaxation often experienced during vacations into the comfort of our homes. The palette, inspired by the region, features a harmonious blend of blue tones such as hydrangea and Byzantine blue, complemented by the lively hues of paprika and coral red.

Studies suggest that colors within the spectrum of red and blue are the most versatile when introducing accents to neutral spaces, offering effortless integration while adding vibrancy and character.


Colourful Minimalism design trend / materials

  • natural fibers
  • curtains & rugs ( 2024 will be the year of curtains, used also as room dividers! )
  • cotto & imperfect ceramics
  • brick dividers
  • materials with a rustic touch
  • cork

Colourful Minimalism design trend / shapes

  • curves – but only where needed ( forget the overload of curves and arches we saw in 2023! )
  • semi-open spaces
  • stripes


What do you think of the Colourful Minimalism design trend?

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