Feb 15, 2021

FURNITURE TRENDS | Top Design Ideas for Your Home in 2021

Do you want to update your home interior?

Here are some exciting furniture trends for 2021. Be inspired and create a modern home design!


2020 was a stay-home year. For sure, it was all boring and monotonous. However, on the brighter side, we get to plan many things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Many people embark on their creative journeys and explore their inner artist. While others were successful in setting up their gardens and decking up their homes. 

Another thing that changed big time in this stay-at-home year is – home interior trends. More time at home means more focus on the home design and styling. Therefore, the home interior trends evolved significantly this year. Followed by 2020, 2021 is the hour of glory for home interior.

Furniture is a significant part of any interior and makes up most of it. So, we are focusing on the furniture trends in this blogpost. Let’s explore together some super-cool furniture trends in 2021.

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Top Design Ideas for Your Home in 2021

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1/ The Rise of Vintage 

There was a time when we despised our grandparents’ house furniture. We would rather cover that furniture in sheets and keep that furniture hidden in our storerooms than to display it. But now is the time!

It’s the rise of vintage again. In fact, people are heading over to the antique and thrift stores to collect some vintage pieces. So if you have some hand-me-downs in hand, just dust off the dirt and bring them to display. Using antiques for your interior is a great way to repurpose old items. It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach. Moreover, it adds a story to the interior. A feel of personality and character makes the whole arrangement quite fascinating.

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2/ Slaying the Symmetry 

If you have an eye for symmetry, here’s good news for you. Geometrical patterns and balanced proportions are a part of the furniture trends 2021. You can either play with symmetrical color strokes, drawings, or shapes to create a feeling of harmony. Geometric furniture pieces have an inherent ability to enhance the interior and add a sleek feel to the interior space.



3/ It’s the Glass Age!

Want to make your space look wider and brighter? This trend suits your needs.

Glass furniture and accessories are the ultimate trends. Glass has always been in the limelight for its glossy finish and posh feel. However, with the production of clear plastic sheets, all-glass furniture is making its way to the top trends. Earlier, it used to be glass table tops only. But now you can go and furnish your home with an all-glass sitting set. Glass furniture particularly adorn small spaces. It creates an illusion of space and radiates light to brighten up the area.


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4/ Neutral is the New Normal  FURNITURE TRENDS 2021

Sophistication is the top-pick in everything now. After experimenting with small and luxury, we are moving back to the basics. Soft colors and hues of elegance are taking over the furniture industry. Soft pink shades are the ultimate crème de la crème of the season. These days, light-toned furniture is coupled with one or two brighter contrasting colored articles to make an interest-factor in the interior space.  

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5/ Nature is Ahead of the Curve

It’s the zenith of artificial intelligence and technology. Today almost everything can be made synthetically. So it might sound surprising but we are moving back to basics. There is an overwhelming demand for natural items. Be it the food industry, cosmetics, or home improvement industry, nature is paving its way into trends. Designers are integrating natural products like plants, quartzite, and marble in the basic decor.


maisons du monde


6/ Subtle is Snappy  FURNITURE TRENDS 2021

Another trend in 2021 is subtle furniture pieces. Round shapes and soft corners from the 1970s are making their way back to the current trends. Subtle tones, delicacy, and sophisticating are in vogue and soft edges add to the elegance.



7/ Attention to the Details 

Quoting a common perception; everything is becoming shallow and superficial. However, interior designers are taking another turn in this regard. Interior and furniture designers are giving more attention to the details. Intricate stitching of fabric, color selection, furniture accessories, and small prints everything goes hand in hand due to the design thoroughness. This approach gives a new life and meaning to even the most neglected and disregarded pieces.




8/ Statement Pieces are Working Their Way Up

Instead of crowding the space with anything and everything, you have, introducing a statement piece is becoming a trend. It doesn’t have to be a huge one. In a living room with a neutral-toned sitting arrangement, a bright vase or some printed cushions can make a statement. Or you can just showcase an antique in the midst of an all-contemporary space. It’s all about a contrasting element!




9/ Culture Matters

Every area and community has a different culture. Embracing and incorporating the culture in your home interior is a trending aesthetic. Culture-specific furniture pieces are being tailored to highlight and emphasize the traditions. Cultural pieces add character to the interior space and it’s all about customization these days!

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10/ Comfort over luxury FURNITURE TRENDS 2021

Home is the comfort zone and everyone wants to feel maximum comfort there. So, the modern people are moving away from the idea of uncomfortable luxury. Thus, comfortable pieces of furniture and accessories will be a furniture trend in 2021. However, designers would be playing with rich colors to add a refined feel to the home interior.




Ending Note!

These are some furniture trends that will rule the market in 2021. Along with the arrangement, there are some uber-cool colors that will make a big cheer in 2021. Shades of yellow, hazelnut wood cabinets, polycarbonate panels backsplash, hues of warm grey and grey are all leading the furniture trends 2021. Replacing kitchen backsplash and glass cabinets with colorful polycarbonate panels

However, the central idea of home interior in the current and following years is simple and minimalistic. Go old-school and add personality to your interior. Channel your aesthetic sense and lead the way!


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