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INTERIOR TRENDS | The future home designed now by studio Truly Truly

The home of the future should be modern, soft, open, flexible. Das Haus by studio truly Truly at imm Cologne displayed how the Future Home Interior Design will be.


It’s the combination of culturally acquired and individual designs that determines a home’s special character. But it is also up-to-date? Do our homes still conform to our needs, the rhytms of modern life, or just with traditions?

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Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is an experimental space inside imm cologne fair designed to answer these questions. The space simulates a residential house and every year it is designed by a different creative studio with a visionary design, displaying current home trends together with people’s desires and social changes. Matched together, these factors create an interesting visions of future home trends.

Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” was designed by studio Truly Truly, a young design studio operating from the Netherlands and founded by Australian designers Joel & Kate Booy.


Das Haus, studio Truly Truly


The future home interior design  trends on display at “Das Haus”


Studio Truly Truly designed their “home of the future” around the concept of blurring boundaries. That’s to say, a concept of a home that is flexible enough to adapt to changing life rythms, offering to their residents different moods. The concept is based on the idea that our present homes are not up-to-date with our lives, that are more hectic and much less stable compared to once. Therefore, our homes should be open and flexible, but also a soft and delicate space to inspire calm and happiness.

Das Haus” was designed around moods, not around typical rooms. There are four zones – reclusive, serene, active, reclining – linked together in a natural and organic flows. Private areas are alternate with public ones, spaces and furnishings are multifunctional, tables can be both dining tables and desks.

There is no courtyard or garden because it is incorporated inside the house, while the center of the home is in the kitchen: organized around workflows, in polished steel built-in units, it’s the core of the design. All colours are emotionally motivated and textiles, together with tactile materials, inspire warmth. The result is a warm, cozy, welcoming space, yet modern and flexible.



“Das Haus”  products and prototypes

I loved the project of “Das Haus“, both for the concept behind it and for the products chosen by the designers, as well as for the color palette which is absolutely beautiful in my opinion. I am sharing it today because I think that many details can be a source for inspirations in your projects too. I am adding here a short gallery with some of the products chosen for the design: please find specifications below.


1 | Soundskins – Sonos Play by Soundskins, design Studio Truly Truly

2 | Mauro by Established & Sons, design Mauro Pasquinelli

3 | AC19 SALINA by e15

4 | IKEA PS2017 Sofa, design Studio Truly Truly

5 | Balder 3 by Kvadrat, Design Post

5 | Typography light by Rakumba, design Studio Truly Truly

6 | Chariot by Horm Italia Srl/ Casamania, design GamFratesi

7 | Nelson Bubble Pendant by Herman Miller, design George nelson

8 | Tattomi by De Padova Srl, design Ingo Maurer

9 | Seeing glass Off Round by Studio sabine Marcelis

10 | LAVANDINO by Antonio Lupi, design Francesca Braga Rosa, Ivan Vianello

11 | Palais Royal by ASPLUND, design Anya Sebton, Eva Lija Lowenhielm