Apr 28, 2022

SHOP IT | A contemporary eclectic living room in frost grey

How to decorate a living room in contemporary style? Be inspired by our frost grey decor for the living room


Not too warm, not too cool – frost grey is the go-to neutral for interior projects in 2022. We saw the fascination with frost grey – a very light grey with a hint of green, also called Chinese white – emerging at Milan Design Week 2021 and the trend is now starting to manifest all across the industry.

Stepping into the post-pandemic world, we crave new beginnings. A white piece of paper to paint an alternative perspective to the future ahead.  Frost grey – a soothing white with character – promises that fresh start on the horizon. 

Frost grey offers retreat – a natural habitat for calmness and reflectivity. Due to its subtle greyish-green undertone, this shade is particularly effective in creating cosy and relaxing environments. 


Frost Grey Decor and Furniture  for a living room in contemporary style


Inspired by the skills and colour palettes of iconic artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Gustav Klimt, this trending colour story can be applied in both contemporary style interiors and traditional ones.

Frost grey is an extremely versatile and usable shade. It promotes clarity and sophistication, without ever compromising on warmth. Either as a dominant colour or as part of a more complex colour scheme, this natural neutral is a smart choice for creating all sorts of serene, welcoming spaces with organic influences. 

With this mood board, I aimed for a living room in contemporary style but with an eclectic twist. In this living room, worldly influences meet the artistic perspective to create layers of interest and texture. In contrast to the simple, earthy colour scheme and handmade finishes, sleek lines and elegant metallic shapes provide a sophisticated ambience of the timeless modernist look.

What do you think?

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|| Be inspired by grey

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Grey Living room in contemporary style

/ Moodboard



  1. European Flax Linen Curtain – Frost Grey, Westelm | approx 185 euros
  2. Grey Randa Pillow, Mara Home | approx 78 euros
  3. Isolated N.17 Vase, Artilleriet | approx 600 euros
  4. Piffle Black Wall Sconce, CB2 | approx 165 euros
  5. Field have Aviera, Arthive | approx 50 euros
  6. French Arch Solid Wood Full-length Mirror, Park Su Mu Zuo | price upon request
  7. Lenyx Extra Large Sofa, CB2 | approx 2100 euros
  8. Long Candle Set, Artilleriet | approx 32 euros
  9. Kamran Coral Carpet, Ruggable | 369 euros
  10. Bryant Coffee Table, Anthropologie | approx 1289 euros
  11. Night and Day Table lamp, Jos Devriendt | price upon request
  12. Jillian Armchair – Frost, LD Shoppe | approx 617 euros
  13. Cat table, Park Su Mu Zuo | price upon request
  14. Farmhouse Pottery Devo Match Striker, Lulu and Georgia | approx 48 euros


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