Dec 7, 2020

5 Stunning ideas for a black and white Bathroom design

Are you insecure about the design of your bathroom?

I totally get it. There are so many options out there when talking about bathroom design, especially nowadays that the bathroom has become increasingly important in interior design. More than service rooms, bathrooms are now private spaces where to rest, to take care of ourselves, to relax, becoming more and more similar to small spas.

If you are a lover of minimalist style but at the same time would like to make your bathroom more original, one option you will probably love is a black and white bathroom design. Modern and on trend but at the same time timeless, the monochromatic palette is perfect for those who are embracing a less is more design philosophy. I choose it in my previous home as well, remember the before and after of my small bathroom here?

However, decorating with a minimalist approach does not mean creating empty and boring spaces. In fact, minimalism is about choosing few elements with value and personality, that will last over the changes of present trends. I selected for you 5 stunning ideas for a black and white bathroom design that will add a wow effect even in the most sleek and monochromatic bathroom. In collaboration with Italian brand antoniolupi.


More about the brand:


5 Stunning ideas for a black and white Bathroom design


1 / a graphic black&white wallpaper


Do you think that wallpaper is not suitable for wet areas, and moreover, does not fit a minimalist interior?

TRALERIGHE is a wallpaper designed by Gumdesign to be installed in the bathroom as well as in all rooms of the house, thanks to its TNT support with vinyl finish. The collection is available also with fiberglass support to be water-resistant and  suitable for areas in direct contact with water – such as for example shower cabins and bathtub-walls. The design is inspired by a minimalist grid in black and white with 20 variations.

The patterns are studied on a mathematical algorithm: horizontal, vertical and oblique lines intersect as if they were alive and constantly moving, so that the optical result creates infinite rhythmic and free designs, like a pentagram.






2 / a marbled sink in black &white


Black and white, minimalist, but at the same time unique: is this too much to ask for just a sink?

RIGATI is the sink designed by Gumdesign that actually has all these characteristics in one single product. This sink, in fact, is made or slabs of Carrara white marble or black Marquinia, 1or 2 cm thick, which are joined together with contrasting colored resins. The result is a design which is never the same, thanks to the infinite veins of marble that give the sink a unique textured effect.

When combined with the marble texture, the sink volume and the lines of the resin create an optical effect which enhances the 3d volumes, making this sink a sculptural decorative element of the bathroom.






3 / the optical carpet


If you love minimalist style, probably you are one of those person who does not like that much adding a carpet inside a bathroom.

TRAMATO is the carpet designed by Gumdesign that will change your mind. In fact, the design is totally in black and white and inspired by geometries: pure geometric figures such as the circle and the rectangle are filled with intricate lines, creating optical effects that will add a unique texture to the flooring. The white is not a pure white, but an almost muffled warm white which, combined with black, creates shades of different depths.

What makes these carpets so special is also how they are created with the tufting technique, which requires an enormous manual labor.



4 / a folded mirror


Another essential object for any bathroom, even the more minimalist one, is the mirror. What about if the mirror itself becomes an element of interest in the bathroom design?

SPECCHI_DI_CARTA is the collection of mirrors designed by Gumdesign, inspired by folded paper. The object has one part in reflective mirror and one other in black lacquered, enhancing the effect of “folding”and creating unique reflections. The sculptural effect of the mirror on the wall, then, is even more stunning thanks to the white led which backlist the mirror.




5 / a marbled sink in black &white


The last object I am sharing is a really unique sink design.

In fact, 024 is a freestanding black and white sink designed by Gumdesign and made in recycled materials. This sink is actually made from 24 segments of marble glued together by resin. The rising connections are made in a contrasting color (white on black vs black on white), which creates a unique visual effect. In combination with marble, in fact, the resin lines creates an optical effect which transforms this sink in a statement decorative furniture item.  The basin is in white Carrara marble while the pedestal is in black Marquinia marble.




All products mentioned in this article are part of TRA LE RIGHE collection by antoniolupi.

Discover more here.







Geometric trend keeps going on. Geometry becomes even more rigid and essential and tranform into a grid pattern: strictly monochromatic, in black and white, or in color variations on a white background. The inspiration is Scandinavian on the one hand, to the Eighties and Memphis design, on the other: the result is minimalism with a monochrome optical touch.

Translated into interiors : wall claddings with squared white tiles, or checkered wallpapers recalling those notebooks for notes.

Translated into design: new products and materials characterized by a grid pattern and by a strict geometry.

Enjoy the inspirational gallery 




Everything is Collective

Marimekko SS2016

Gridded furniture and matching clothing by Patrick Parrish Gallery via


Creatures of Comfort, photography by CHARLOTTE WALES




Optical Trickery set design by Camille Walala in collaboration with Jess Bonham

grid trend

Elisa Ossino Studio | Scandinavian Deko


Deko, Photo Mirva Kakko, styling Jenni Juurinen


Note Design Studio


Int2 Architecture


Beige Renegade


House Doctor grid-interior-trend-kitchen

The Modern House via Planete Deco


download (1)

Design Icon: Herman Miller Wire Chair


Hay Boxes


King Dome Pendant Lights, Woodmark

grid-fermlivingFerm Living Behang ‘Grid’

Ray CS 01 white

Nya Nordiska, the new Ray CS collection




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