Mar 4, 2024

HOME DESIGN | Our new cosy and functional home office corner

One of the bigger home trends of recent times is about home offices and their design.

Standing desks are also big a rising trend, reflecting the demands of a modern hybrid work style. In this article, I am sharing how I designed my new home office corner – and why I choosed a standing desk.


While waiting for the home extension to give us more space, we’ve set up our living room with a designated corner for my permanent home office.

I have been working for almost ten years from home ( much before than the pandemic times! ) and to me it’s essential to have a cosy and functional space where I can feel inspired and organized. At the same time, I need a space that I can easily close and reorder once I finished working, because I love to keep clear boundaries between working hours and not-working hours. Believe me or not – I never use my Sedus standing desk in evenings and weekends, unless I really need it for my working schedule.

ph Jessica Speziale

Home office corner design with standing desk


Home office design choices

For the home office, I chose a corner just in front of the large window with a view of the garden. Since it’s where I spend most of my time, I wanted to have the best view possible. Thanks to linen curtains, I was able to make it cozier while still allowing filtered light and maintaining an outside view.

Even though our home office serves a different purpose, we wanted it to blend well with the rest of the room. We picked a desk that matches our wooden floors nicely, making everything look unified. This makes the room feel balanced and cozy, mixing our work area with the rest of our home. As a result, the home office corner doesn’t stick out; its design doesn’t take over the whole living room.

We kept the corner minimal and uncluttered—the only decorative element I added is also functional: a cork board used for creating color and mood boards.

ph Jessica Speziale
Sedus se:desk detail


Home office design tips

To keep my home office tidy, I make sure to tidy up regularly. Using a cabinet ( USM )helps me keep my stuff organized, so my workspace stays clean and clutter-free. Also, I neatly store my agendas and supplies on the desk when I’m not using them, which helps keep everything organized and calm.

Another crucial aspect is lighting: during the design phase, we incorporated a dedicated lighting source for this corner. The Parentesi lamp, which I already owned from a previous home, serves perfectly to illuminate the desk with direct light while adding a piece of Italian timeless design to the living room decor. The wall lamp instead is from Swedish brand Pholc, as I told you in this post.


ph Jessica Speziale
Sedus se:desk detail


Standing desk design trend

What’s interesting about home office trends is how they focus on making us feel good and being useful. When I was selecting the furniture for my office corner, I got inspired by a trend research I did about office design and ergonomics. Standing desks were one of the fastest rising trends,  with + 1025% growth in researches in the last 5 years.

I realized a standing desk could help me stay active and avoid sitting too much, so I decided to get one for my workspace. Standing desks seem like the perfect way for me to balance work and staying on the move because I prefer to be active instead of sitting still all the time. I’m quite a sporty person actually, but my work can be super sedentary.

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Standing desks in fact allow to switch between sitting and standing positions, which can help improve posture and reduce the health risks of sitting for too long. To me, having a standing desks also is a boost on my energy levels, and makes me feel much better overall when working.

I choose the height-adjustable desk Se:desk by Sedus: it can be easily adapted to any working height thanks to a motorized system. Also, because of its small size, this desk fits well in any room and still has enough space for bigger tech setups ( I have a huge monitor! ). But what I love the most about my Se:desk is the built-in shelf in felt: perfect for hiding my agendas, colors and stuff when I don’t work.

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