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INTERIOR TIPS | How do I choose a sofa for my living room?

There are only a few furniture pieces that define so firmly a decorating style such as a sofa. So how do you choose a sofa for your living room?


I think most people would agree that it has to be comfortable, yet stylish. After all, we all spent fair amounts of time sitting in them while at home. Since there are several ongoing sofa trends with some very stylish options to consider, I think it’s most worthwhile to check them out in case any one of those trends might appeal to you.

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However, setting any trends aside, the sofa you choose should most definitely be a good fit with the lifestyle you lead. For instance, if you have kids and/or pets then chances are that that dreamy beautiful deep red or blue velvet sofa might not be your best option.


Photo by Ilya Shakir from Pexels


How do I choose a sofa for my living room: the layout

Next, consider your room’s layout. Where are you most likely to place your sofa? Most people opt for a sofa against a wall, but it does no justice to your sofa if it’s the “stand alone” sort of sofa. Therefore, if you do have a large enough room then let your sofa “breathe.” 

Remember sofas are by default large pieces of furniture. They need room. Even when placed against a wall, do not crowd them in. And this brings me to the next decision you must consider: proportions. The best size of sofa is the one that does not make everything else you have in the room look too big or too small. The aim is to make everything seem and feel seamless. 


Credits by Followtheflow


How do I choose a sofa for my living room: the style

So once you have a fairly good idea about the size of sofa that would fit best in your room, it is time to narrow down the sofa style. Now, almost every sofa has some design details that can make the difference and ultimately define its style, i.e. the legs, frame, upholstery fabric e.t.c. 

It is those details that you will rely on to enhance your overall decorating style. If for instance, you have a small minimal contemporary setting, then a sofa (i.e. Mid-century inspired) with airy legs might be better fit than a modular bulky one. On the other hand, if your room is very spacious, then bulky sofas with soft contouring to ease the flow might be more suitable.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to mix different sofa styles together. Although, having a pair of the same sofas used to be the “proper” thing, this is no longer necessarily the case. Hence, if you do decide to mix styles, then a good way to match sofas is to use a design element as a common denominator between the sofas to ensure cohesion.


Credits by united photo studio


How do I choose a sofa for my living room: do not forget…

Please note that there is one thing that I adamantly advise you above all else. That is to choose a sofa on its own merit. That means that when you are about to choose, make sure you like that sofa as is! This is crucial and I can’t emphasize this enough. 

Naturally, you might add on throw pillows in the near future. But if your sofa does not appeal to you as is, without any styling hacks, then you need to keep looking until you find the one that calls your name and you just lost your sleep over it. Happy sofa-shopping!

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