Oct 10, 2019

HOME TOUR | Living in 20 mq with style

How do you maximize space in a small apartment?

If you are asking yourself this question, be inspired by these amazing studio apartments of just 20-and something square meters.


I am always curious about finding new solutions for small spaces. For sure a small home can be as nicer as a big one, if it’s designed and decorated in the right way.

That’s why today I am sharing two amazing home tours in two apartments that you won’t believe are only a bit more than 20-square meters.

Two small apartments which are very different, since one is on an attic floor, the other on the ground floor. Plus, one is on a level, the second is on two levels. However, they both show how it is possible to maximize space in a small apartment by taking advantage of the space in height. We always focus on the surface, often without noticing that we can get additional space (for storage or for sleeping, example) just by considering the space as a whole volume.

These two homes have also a similar use of color and decor. They both give a feeling of coziness without being too full of objects, at the same time they are both minimalist without being too empty. Light and neutral colors together with natural wood do the rest in achieving two beautiful final results.

Enjoy the tours!



How do you maximize space in a small apartment?

Home Tour 1 / attic, 27m2



||| Be inspired by these small apartments:


How do you maximize space in a small apartment?

Home Tour 2 / ground floor, 23m2

via Planete Deco

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