Feb 26, 2019

HOME TOUR | How to arrange an open plan layout

If you are looking for some inspo on how to arrange an open plan layout and organize a Small Studio Apartment, have a look at this home tour.

It’s been a while here since the last home tour on italianbark! Today I am sharing with you a really clever interior project for a small house I discovered on Behance.

You should already know that I am always interested in small spaces design because my home is quite small too. Ok well, I do not live in a studio apartment, but getting some extra idea for small living spaces is useful for me as well. Also, as an interior designer, I think that arranging the layout of a small studio is always a good challenge.

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How to arrange an open space in small interiors

Arranging your interior as open space is a good idea if you have not so much space, but usually, we just open the kitchen to the sitting room. Also, we tend to place furniture against the wall, and this is the worst thing you can do if you have a quite small layout.

In this project, I am showing you instead the whole apartment was arranged as open space. In fact, the different areas are defined but not separated by walls+doors. The designer, instead, optimized the whole space by dividing the areas with closets and built’in elements.

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How to arrange an open space, the home tour

The home is designed by LIS design studio, a Ukranian studio. The studio apartment is 60 square meters. It is arranged as an open space with many built-in elements which serve both as storage and as dividers.

The kitchen is part of the design too, with a perfectly built-in system and a burgundy niche inside. Large floor-to-ceiling mirrors then help to make the perception of the space much bigger.

Enjoy the home tour!


Images via Behance

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