HOME TOUR | How to get the Boho Chic style at home from Maiorca

by Elisabetta Rizzato

Looking for some inspiration to decorate your holiday house or maybe to add a summery vibe at home?

You may opt for a Boho-Chic home decor style, like for example in this house in Maiorca.

The apartment is located in Santa Catalina and it has been carefully renovated preserving its original features, and furnished with a beautiful bohemian vibe perfect for the location. To get the style, you can start by keeping in mind some easy tips as you can see in this home interior. Let’s list them together.


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How to get the Boho Chic home decor style



#1/ Start with a simple white background / How to get the Boho Chic home decor style

Every Boho-chic interior starts from a white or neutral and light background. This is because a clean background allows you to play with layers and decor, without making the interior too loud. To create a solid foundation, start with a simple base color for every bohemian style room. Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas, and opting for a neutral base allows you to pile up expressive color and pattern for the perfect mix without it being painfully overbearing and loud.


#2 Choose low and cosy furniture / How to get the Boho Chic home decor style


Comfortable and time-worn furniture with low lines is the perfect choice for a bohemian style living room. Prefer rounded and soft shapes instead of geometrical ones, to be mixed and matched in a casual way, avoiding all kind of “total looks” and too perfect combinations between pieces of furniture.



#3 Add plants  / How to get the Boho Chic home decor style

Never forget to add some botanicals in your boho-chic home, that you can put on the floor, on tables, but also hang for example from the ceiling. With plants you can decorate in a very easy and affordable way, at the same time getting the benefit of purifying air and gettin an healthier space.

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#4 Natural and Rustic Finishes / How to get the Boho Chic home decor style

This style is strongly influenced by the hippie mood of the 1960s and ’70s when natural or raw materials were super popular. In the same way, you will not be wrong today choosing furniture and accessories in natural materials such as rattan, wood, sisal, hemp, together with natural and soft textiles and fibers.



5 Play with pattern and global accents / How to get the Boho Chic home decor style

One of the features of boho style is the mix of different fabrics, injecting various pattern through pillows and rugs. For a chic twist, do not overdue with colors but choose white and neutral colors, with a couple of scent colors in dark hues such as burgundy, deep greens and blues, purple. Finally, do have fun in adding small of big decorating pieces, sourced in flea markets or during travels. The key is to keep the whole look casual and comfortable!

|| Be inspired by the Boho Chic interior style::

How to get the Boho Chic home decor style

Home Tour in Maiorca


Via Fantastic Frank




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