Apr 9, 2024

HOME DESIGN | How we choose paint and flooring colors

How to choose paint colors for your home: be inspired by our selection of the color scheme for the interiors

Colors play a pivotal role in interior design, serving as a powerful tool for creating ambiance, influencing mood, and enhancing functionality within a space.  Each hue possesses unique psychological effects, evoking emotions and perceptions that can profoundly impact occupants’ experiences.

Additionally, colors can visually alter perceptions of space; lighter hues can expand small rooms, while darker tones can add coziness to larger areas. Furthermore, color schemes establish the overall aesthetic of a room, whether it’s a vibrant, eclectic vibe or a serene, minimalist atmosphere.

A well-thought-out color scheme fosters coherence and flow throughout your home, creating a harmonious visual experience. Incorrect color choices instead may result in spaces that feel stark, overwhelming, or uninspiring.


The study of color has been a crucial part of our home design: we wanted a warm and relaxing space to be contemporary but at the same time keeping the rustic feel of the original building. Also, we needed to combine our different tastes ( I am more eclectic and colourful, my husband more minimalist )

In crafting our interior design, we deliberately merged a neutral backdrop for the main living area with vibrant splashes of color strategically placed throughout accessory spaces and rooms, all unified within a cohesive palette spanning the entirety of our home.

Our goal was to achieve a contemporary yet warmly inviting atmosphere, maintaining the rustic charm inherent to the original structure.

In the living room, we opted for Havana-colored Venetian plaster on both walls and ceiling, departing from the traditional glossy finish to evoke a more modern tactile experience.

For added flair, we infused the space with accents in quintessentially Italian hues like terracotta and sage green, alongside trendy shades such as cobalt blue and peach inspired by the Pantone palette of 2024.

Our flooring choice further reflects this blend of tradition and modernity; we selected untreated oak wood from ethically sourced deceased trees, embracing their natural imperfections for an authentic finish. Employing a French herringbone pattern throughout, we aimed for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, deviating from the conventional Italian design to introduce a fresh perspective.

Additionally, in the hallway and bedroom, we adapted the same materials but deployed them in a continuous pattern, enhancing the visual intrigue of these spaces.


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All photos Jessica Speziale

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