Jul 27, 2022

INTERIOR TIPS | How to choose the right side table for your bedroom

It goes without saying that the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed itself, and seeing as we spend roughly a third of our entire lifetime in bed, it probably makes sense to invest in the best quality bed you can. However, there is more to the bedroom than just sleeping. Very often it is where we store our clothes too, so wardrobes and chests of drawers are important. 

But the bedroom also serves as an important place to unwind and destress at the end of each day. As well as being the place where we get ourselves into gear each morning. And the importance of these processes can’t be underestimated. For some this might involve reading a book for a few minutes each night before the lights go out. Others simply must have a cup of tea or coffee in bed before they start each day. All of which makes the bed side table an essential item of bedroom furniture. 

So, what do you need to think about when choosing bed side tables? This guide aims to tell you everything you need to know to get the right side table for your needs, as well as providing some top bed side table ideas. 


How to choose the right side table for your bedroom




Perhaps the main function of the bed side table is storage. As well as the table top itself, which is a great place to keep books, drinks, phones, and any other personal items you might need during the night, it is also the ideal spot for bed side lamp for reading or quickly adding some light to the room without having to get up and turn on the main light. 

As well as surface space, the bed side table can also be designed with drawers and even some cupboard space underneath. This can be ideal for keeping anything from small personal items or medication to clothes and books. This is a great way of adding some much needed storage space to the bedroom. 

Of course, the bed side table does not need to have storage options and can be as simple as a table top with some supporting legs. 


Size and shape

The size of the bed side table is usually dictated by the size of the bed and the size of the room it is in. The standard height for a bed is around 24 inches (60cm) from the floor. That means the standard bed side table height should be around the same (with a few inches or centimetres difference below or above) in order to be the most use when you are lying or sitting in bed.  

The width, depth, and length of the table are determined by the available space in the room, although the bed side table generally tends to be on the smaller side to allow good access to and from the bed itself. A mini side table offers a smaller amount of storage space and is ideal for smaller bedroom spaces. 

In terms of shape, there are no hard and fast rules, but a square or rectangular design does make sense because usually the bed and wall create a right angled void next to the bed. However, a round bed side table can function just as well in the space. In fact, a round bed side table may even break up the straight lines of a bedroom and add some natural curves to the sleeping area. 



The style of your bed side table is also a consideration. Having a bedroom where we feel totally comfortable and at ease is essential to getting a good night’s sleep, which in turn is a vital factor in our long term and short term happiness. That’s why choosing a bed side table in a suitable style to match the color and the design scheme of the rest of the room is important. It is possible to get bedroom sets, which allow you to buy all or most of your bedroom furniture at the same time for a more cohesive theme. However, you may to want to build your style organically over time.

The bed side table is a great chance to add a touch of design flair to the bedroom, matching or contrasting with other items in the space to create an eye-catching design. 



There is a big choice of materials for all types of bed side table designs – including round bedside tables made from wood or metal, small side tables with glass tops, or a mini side table with wooden draw options. The bed side table need to be sturdy, as it will be on the end of some heavy use over time, but the material choice is entirely up to your preference.


How to choose the right side table for your bedroom


/ How do I know what size bed size table to buy?

The bed side table should be around the same height as the bed itself, to make it easier to access and for more convenient storage. While there is no standard bed side table height, most beds tend to be around 24 inches (60cm). But it is always worth checking the height of your bed before making any purchases.  


/ Should bed side tables match?

In most cases, bed side tables do match one another. This creates a pleasing symmetry on either side of the bed which draws the eye. However, there is no rule that says bed side tables need to match. It’s your home and your choice, so if you want mismatched tables of simply have different requirements on each side of a double bed, then it’s entirely up to you. Pair a mini side table with a large one, a round bed side table with a square one, or go for two different styles altogether. 


/ Are side tables necessary in the bedroom?

If you have plenty of storage elsewhere in the form or wardrobes (either free standing, built in, or walk in) and have no real need for a bed side table, then you can do without them. However, they do come in very useful for storing everything from phones to drinks to medication and more. They also help to frame the sleeping area and add pleasing symmetry to the bedroom. 


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