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How to choose the right African inspired wallpaper for your home

Looking for some ideas on how to choose the right wallpaper for your home?

Be inspired by our African inspired wallpaper selection!


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I love seeing how the ethnic interior decor style has become trendy and fashionable lately! 

Everywhere I turn, I see stunning evidences of this beautiful aesthetic: in stylish homes, in thematic magazines, in design shows and exhibitions; even in big popular home decor catalogs you can easily spot clear ethnic inspirations: wood, raffia, leather, hand made fabrics and several other traditional objects; elements with a unique story that match together perfectly to recreate an authentically lively and cozy atmosphere. 




What I also love is seeing how ethnic decorations can be easily and nicely integrated with other styles creating innovative and original fusions, some of which can truly leave with an open mouth.  

An example? Have a look at this selection of African Inspired wall papers. Yes, wall papers, you got it right! I know it may sound like a brave and ambitious option but I assure you that a well-chosen African inspired wallpaper will definitely be sympathetic to the actual style of your home, since it can combine the right amount of color and patterns to suit your personal taste, creating a final striking individual look. 

Want so see how? Keep reading to get charmed by African inspired wallpaper and take note of some practical tips to style them in your house.  


#1 Mud cloths inspired wallpapers 


These are my latest crush, which you will understand considering my endless love for Malian mud cloths (or bogolanfinis). Tiny triangles and crosses, fine fish bones, delicate sets of parallel or serpentine lines: all these small-scale and soft patterns produce an overall subtle and timeless effect which will suit any space.  





Budgeting idea:

if you have a lot of patience and accuracy, you can opt for cheaper and more creative way to get this look: choose ready to use stencils or, if you really have good DIY abilities, you can compose your own wall decor by using black washi tape. Ingenious, right? 



#2. Wax prints inspired wallpapers 

Opposite to the soft mud cloths’ motives are the eccentric wax inspired wallpapers: an explosion of prints and mesmerizing motives that will surely create an accent element in your home. 

The choice here is huge and will suit any taste:  so many subjects –  floral, neat graphic lines, animal prints or abstract object – and an endless selection of colors. 




How to choose the right African inspired wall papers for your home

Basic aesthetic guidelines


If you are inspired enough to try African Inspired wallpapers in your house, here are some basic aesthetic guidelines:  

 / Choose wax inspired wall papers if you have a spacious room(s) and if you are looking for a more dramatic and accent effect; if you have a tiny space instead, wax prints will make it smaller but also more intimate and cozy; also consider that for their intense use of colors and patterns, wax prints will probably date very quickly. 



/ Choose mud cloths’ small-scale prints if you are looking for a more sober and evergreen appear which is also less likely to date. 

Mud cloths designs that run vertically from floor to ceiling, like fish bones or serpentine lines, can visually extend walls to make them look taller, a great choice for rooms with lower ceilings. 

These kind of wallpapers come mostly in lighter backgrounds which make a room look larger; with darker tones (navy, and dark grey) you will have the opposite effect. 




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