Oct 13, 2020

How to Decorate a Living Room: Digital Workshop in collaboration with IKEA #2

How to Decorate your Living Room?

ITALIANBARK in collaboration with IKEA Italia: watch our digital workshop about decluttering and home decor

Last week I was in Milan invited by IKEA Italia to shot two digital workshops about decluttering and home decoration.
The videos are part of a 3 days digital event organized about the brand called “Movimento di Liberazione degli Spazi”, sharing many tips and ideas on how to declutter your home while keeping it personal and unique.

Decluttering means removing things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful. However, decluttering is not about creating impersonal and empty spaces. In our workshops we showed how you can create a beautiful, clean and organized space which also reflects your personality.

In our workshop, we work in the living room of a creative boy and we show how to decorate it according to his personality and hobbies, by making it at the same time very practical and organized. Be inspired!


How to Decorate a Living Room



How to Decorate a Living Room / Tips:


-use glass doors to show objects
– frame and highlight your favorite objects
– alternate full and empty to create dynamism in the composition
– always watch the composition from far
– play with colors and transparencies
– arrange jars in a triangle shape
– choose colors in line or in contrast with the wall ones
– play with overlaps to show your frames and balance big and small ones
-use frames of different colors and designs for a more creative result


Watch our video to discover more:



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