Jan 24, 2020

HOME TOUR | Blue decor in a 27 mq studio

How do you maximize space in a studio apartment?

You already know that I am always very interested in finding smart solutions for small spaces. Today I am sharing with you a beautiful small interior from Sweden which, thanks to the colour choice and some easy solutions, became cozier and bigger.

The surface of the apartment is only 27 sq meters and it has been perfectly maximized thanks to some easy solutions. In fact, thanks to a simple and clean wooden partition, the designers were able to create an alcove corner, to be used both to relax at day and sleep at night.

Thanks to a beautiful pigeon-blue paint, then, the space has been personalized to make it cozier, without loosing at the same time its original 60s vibes. Oak flooring, warm wood and natural green help in adding a whole cozy feeling to the space.

enjoy the home tour!

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How do you maximize space in a studio apartment / the Home Tour


How do you maximize space in a studio apartment

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