Jul 18, 2019

INTERIOR TIPS | How to decorate a small patio with style

An outdoor patio, where you can decorate it to make it feel like a retreat, is an amazing thing to have. And no matter what the size of your patio, your decorating goals should have no limits. This is an oasis to be where the plants you choose get to do all the hard work and so this is how to go about it in five steps.

There are five steps that shows how to decorate a patio like a pro. Each step is part of a pyramid like step process that you build up at your own pace. They are all interlinked and when combined they will give you the best outcome. Enjoy summer!



How to decorate a patio:  Ground your space

Ideally, your outdoor space should have some sort of paving, to designate a conversation pit and/or dining space where you would like to spent time when not gardening. Some argue that you should step it up to create a feature area, but I don’t think that is a good idea in most cases. 

The reason for my objection to this idea is that an outdoor space like a patio is an excellent opportunity to feel more grounded and more ultimately in touch with mother nature, even if you are living in a busy and crowded urban area. So stepping up your conversation pit – deck area will only enhance a feeling of withdrawal that will not promote that closeness to nature. So I honestly don’t think there is any good value in that.

There are plenty of paving options, and each has its own vibe to it. If you already have a paved area, then simply work with what you already have by noting the dominant color, texture, and placement. These attributes will help you enhance your style in the steps to follow.




How to decorate a small patio: Shade and privacy

Add shade and privacy. Adding some type of shade like an awning or pergola is very useful especially during those sunny summer days. But, a shade may not necessarily satisfy the need for privacy too. Therefore, introducing a screen of some sort may be in order, i.e. airy curtains. As such, this may be a great opportunity to introduce more texture and definitely more pattern into your design scheme. So that’s definitely something to consider.


How to decorate a patio



Small patio Outdoor furniture and decor

The furniture you choose for outdoors should be weather-friendly to ensure long term performance. Hence, iron, rattan and wicker furniture make great options. But then again, you may already have old furniture that is waiting for you to give them a new life. Whatever the case, if you have enough space then do consider adding what fits you’re your lifestyle, whether that is chaise lounges, sectional sofas, or chairs and a cocktail table for that perfect chill-out space. 

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The perfect Color and texture

The color and texture of your plants should be the protagonists of your outdoor space. However, do layer in more color and texture via your furniture and decor. 

Now there are two basic approaches. You can either use a tone-on-tone approach to layer in the dominant hues of your greenery with some black elements for definition, or go bold and bright and introduce some vibrant pops of color to make your furniture stand out from the greenery. That also goes for any planters you may already have or plan to add into your space. The choice is yours.


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How to decorate a small patio: Don’t forget about Ambient lighting

This is the last step to my five step pyramid approach when thinking about how to decorate a small patio. As always lighting is of the major importance. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to add in ambient lighting to set the mood. Now if your space is large enough, then you definitely need to add more lighting sources as guide tracking lights to and fro your outdoor space to complete your design scheme. 

Lanterns are probably the most common choices for ambient lighting. However, strings of fairy lights on your greenery or as a canopy over your conversation pit will surely add an undeniable charm.

At this point, I would like to mention an extra element – a focal point. Many opt for a focal point like an outdoor fireplace, a clutter of mirrors or a ceramic wall hanging. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary and that is why I did not include it in my basic five step pyramid process. 

However, if you should feel that something is missing, then I strongly urge you to try introducing an element of fun with a twist that will create just that. For example, a bunch of artificial butterflies scattered over a single beautiful plant is a subtle addition that can be quite eye-catching and will not break the bank.




Last tip: Think about plants

And as a last piece of advice when decorating a small patio, I would like to bring your attention to your plants. When choosing your greenery do consider if they are a good fit in terms of size for your space. Do not go for small plants and planters just because your square area is small. Fewer and bigger plants will make a much better design statement without creating that unwanted clutter-like feeling. 

Besides, you can always go vertically by introducing planters vertically a wall like on a rack of shelves. Or it may well mean introducing flower stands at various heights to layer your plants in! The latter option though, needs more careful planning on your behalf. But the more thought input goes ahead, the less issues later.

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How to decorate a patio

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