Apr 7, 2021

ITALIAN INTERIORS | Lesson of Italian style from Puglia

How to decorate your home like an Italian villa: be inspired from this home tour


Today we virtually travel to the South of Italy, to the Puglia region, to visit an inspiring home for rent in Galatina.

This luxury villa in Italy was discovered and brought back to life by two Milan-based art and design enthusiasts. The intervention left intact all the original opulence of the palazzo, which dates back to the 18th century.

The interior style is a perfect balance e of vintage and contemporary Italian design. Italian mid-century pieces are mixed with unexpected work of arts and object. Inside this perfectly styled villa you can find in fact vintage pieces by Gio Ponti, Albini, Caccia Dominioni, Borsani, Ettore Sottsass, Frattini, Stilnovo and ArteLuce along with modern pieces from artists Eduard Habicher, Raffaele Quida, Giovanni Lamorgese, Luigi Veronesi.

A quite wide range of Italian pieces and design, mixed together with refined colours and materials. A really good inspiration on how to decorate an interior like an Italian villa, right? Enjoy this new home tour and be inspired!


|| How to decorate your home like an Italian: be inspired with our posts..

How to decorate your home like an Italian villa: Home Tour

the outdoors



|| How to decorate your home like an Italian villa: be inspired by these homes:


the interiors




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