Jul 3, 2019

HOME TOUR | Desert chic in Los Angeles

How to decorate with dark wood?

Confession: I have never been a fun of dark colors, nor of dark wood. But I just found myself making a consultation for a client who does. That’s how my research of inspiration for dark wood in interiors started and today I am sharing with you one of the best example I found in a new home tour.

We virtually travel to Los Angeles, inside an a-m-a-z-i-n-g villa, designed by Studio AR&D Architects ( visualization is by Hālō Studio ).


Desert chic home interior with dark woods

While the breathtaking pool and dry garden would be enough for me to drop everything and move here forever, let’s have a look at the indoor design. I think it’s an interesting example on how to decorate with dark woods, that is also a pretty unusual material for an interior in warm and desert areas. I love for example the idea of covering the ceiling in wooden slats, adding a new dimension to the fifth wall. The covering goes on in all the ceilings, giving a fluid feeling to the interior. Really chic also the combination of wood and stone in the kitchen and in the custom fireplace.

Let’s have a look inside and dream together?

|| Be inspired: South desert chic style is the new boho



How to decorate with Dark Wood | The Home Tour



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