Dec 15, 2020

How to decorate with Grey Pantone 2021

If you think grey is a drab color, you will change your mind after this article.

In fact, grey is actually one of the most interesting colors because of its endless gradations. Choosing a cold or a warm grey will determine the whole color palette, then the mood of an interior, and depending from its undertone you can have many different possibilities with grey.

We were already predicting about a comeback of grey and this was definitely confirmed by the Pantone choice of a cold grey (together with a bright yellow) as the Color of the Year 2021.So expect to see a lot of grey oil the upcoming years and be inspired in this article by our tips on how to decorate with gray – without being boring.


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How to decorate with Gray

Pantone 2021 Color Trend


Tip 1

Match gray and wood


The perfect counterpart of a grey wall is a wooden floor. Or, for example, think about how beautiful is concrete when matched with wood. That’s easy, because wood can add that warmth which is needed when decorating with grey.

But actually choosing the right wood and grey is not that easy: have a look for example at how different the effect is in these rooms, according to a cold or a grey background. As a very general rule, with a warm grey you could opt also for light and whitened wood, while for a cold grey is better to choose a warm wood – as for example, walnut or chestnut.


Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem


Ask og Engvia The Design Chaser


Ph Jonas Lundberg for Entrance Mäkleri

Only Deco Love


How to decorate with gray / Tip 2

Work with creative color combinations


As Pantone 2021 suggests with the grey/ yellow match, grey is perfect bold and bright colors. I admit, this is not my favorite color combo – but, anyways, since gray is a neutral it’s perfect when combined with many colors. Think for example about grey and candy pink, isn’t it beautiful?

Since there are many different hues of grey, warmer and colder ones, one rule to keep in mind when matching grey with other colors is watching the undertones. In fact, most grays have an undertone that will help you a lot in determining the color palette, for example with a blue, a green or a brown undertone.


Arina Zamorina

NOUS Restaurant&Flowers, 0321 STUDIO, Ph. Meat mountain via



How to decorate with grey / Tip 3

With beige and white for a Nordic twist


If you love Scandinavian-style interiors as I do, consider a palette made out of grey and beige.

Make sure to keep the decor simple and sleek, but don’t forget to play with different fabrics and textures, to add layers in the space and avoid a boring effect. Work with different of grey, by choosing also cold ones, which will be counterbalanced by the warmth of beige, for a stylish monochrome decor.



Styling Lotta Agaton Interiors , Ph. McCann Sthlm via

Only Deco Love


Tip 4

Total grey playing with textures and a hint of black


Last, you may also opt for a total decor in greyscale. In this case, my tip is to avoid the colder greys and pick a warm grey, playing with different gradations and with some accents in white or black. In this kind of decor, a pop of color may also be visually beautiful: have a look at example below at the living room with the powder pink armchairs. Terrazzo and stones may also be some beautiful alternatives to consider in this kind of decor.


Lotta Agaton

via Bjurfors


Biasol Ph Timothy Kaye



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