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DECOR TRENDS | How to decorate with IKEBANA and other great floral arrangements

Be inspired by the IKEBANA flower decor trend and other great floral arrangements for this spring!

In fact, despite the weird times we are going through, spring is here and we should be ready for it.

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To me spring is: nicer weather, lighter clothes, birds chirping in the morning, a mild breeze blowing trough the trees and flowers, of course; I can not think about something more evocative than flowers. Flowers are a blossoming life, light, freshness, hope after a dark and intense winter and with their bright colors, mesmerizing shapes and nice perfumes, they can genuinely be a great home décor element, not only to embellish your spaces but also to help you breathe in life and happiness. We all definitely need more flowers in our lives right now! 

Keep reading to discover why flowers should never miss in your interiors and see how various and creative flowers’ arrangements, including the meticulous Ikebana compositions, could contribute to the overall comfort of your home, adding beauty and letting you brighten up your days. 


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 Foto 01 (Credits ), Foto 02 (Credits)


Why flowers should never miss in your home?

I could think to several good reasons to fill your home with flowers. First of all, flowers are colorful and choosing the right balance of colors within your space is one of the primary aspects of interior design. Flowers give you so many options of hues and tones, neutral as well as bright, which are hard to replicate with artificial elements. Besides, flowers – fresh as well as dried ones –  allow you to experiment and to vary regularly with different tones and compositions, which is a great and cheap option to beat monotonous or old interiors. 


Foto 04


Also, do not forget the incredibly positive effect that the right use of colors can have on stabilizing your mood and boosting you positivity! Just follow few basic principles of chromotherapy- as per the holistic design approach  – to find your ideal distribution of tones. 


Foto 05


Last but not least, don’t you just love entering a space and perceiving a fresh and inebriating fragrance? Most flowers have lovely natural scents, which are more persistent than artificial ones, as well as more effective to combat bad odors in and around the house. 


lavander floral home decor

Foto 06



How to decorate with the IKEBANA flower decor trend


But let’s come to some practical examples of how to arrange great flowers’ decors at home. If you don’t know where to start, I strongly encourage you to get to know better Ikebana  –  literally bringing flowers to life  the fascinating and meticulous centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers; other schools of thoughts exist of course, but personally I adore Ikebana and how it allows you to recreate harmonious and perfectly balanced compositions.

Trying Ikebana is easy –  you will just need flowers, branches, leaves and a container, just be sure to follow its 4 basic guiding rules:   


IKEBANA #1 – Lines 


Consider the branches of your flowers as lines which in your composition can be few or many. While vertical and horizontal lines combined create balance, symmetry and an overall sense of stillness, curved, asymmetrical or unbalanced lines will recreate a feeling of movement and dynamism. If you opt for a vertical alignment, consider also that the more vertical an arrangement tends to be, the stronger and healthier it appears. 


Foto 07  

IKEBANA #2 – Volumes


Keep in mind that volumes always add weight and depth to flowers’ arrangements. Play with volumes to create a composition with a substantial feel; remove them for an arrangement that feels rather lighter and a little dainty.


Foto 08 

IKEBANA #3 – Focal points


Focal points are the final elements of the perfect Ikebana composition. Mostly, they are single accent flowers which attract attention. In other cases, focal points are created by a wised and balanced used of positive and negative space, which is to say the physical elements of the arrangement and the empty spaces originated in the gaps between.


Foto 09 


IKEBANA #4 – Vases and containers 

Do not neglect this last part, since your container has a large impact on the overall arrangement. Will you need a vertical container or a flat one? And which color or material? The general rule here is proportion and harmony. The size, the color and the shape of your container should neither distract from the overall composition, nor disappear or seem to be out of place among flowers,  branches and leaves.  


Foto 10 


Decorating with other great floral arrangements


I know, it may sound a bit confusing at first, but with practice and experience it will get clearer what and how to use to get great flowers’ arrangements. Also as said, Ikebana is just one the possible routes towards flowers decorations. Have a look at this awesome gallery of flowers arrangements and settings to get further inspirations for your home! Ready? 


Flowers on tables 

A great classic! Weather disposed on central or on side tables, flowers are an eye catching decor element, whose overall effect won’t disappoint you!  


Foto 11 + Foto 12 


Flowers at the entryway 

Imagine the feeling of stepping into your home after a long and boring day at work. As you take a look around and see all of this, won’t you feel like instantly smiling? 


Foto 13 + Foto 13B + Foto 14  


Flowers at the front door, 

Can you think to a more joyful and inviting way to make you feel welcome here? 


Foto 15 


Living walls 

This in one of the hottest and more popular home décor trend on Instagram! Besides being aesthetically pleasant and original, living walls, or vertical gardens, filter the air and help provide a healthier environment. Beautiful, aren’t they?


Foto 16


Original settings 

When combined with dried elements, flower arrangements become even more stunning and could really be original protagonists of your environments.  Have a look at this two gorgeous solutions! 


Foto 17, Foto 18 


Awesome inspirations, right? Are you ready now to start decorating your home with flowers?