Feb 27, 2020

DECOR TIPS | How To Use Red In Your Home Decor?

Looking for some ideas to decorate your home with Red? Be inspired by these tips.


Are you finding new ways to glam up your house? You must be trying to incorporate your favourite colour into it. This will give you a sense of belonging and happiness when you see it.

Incorporating your loved element into your home decor can be pretty challenging, especially when your coveted colour is red. You will be worried because red is too vibrant – will it make you feel overwhelmed after a while

However, you will be surprised to see that modern concepts do not eliminate red’s presence. You can embrace it to the table or chair or artwork or furnishings for some fun, drama, and warmth. But the way you introduce it is very important. It should not look like an error. Instead, it should enhance the style of the home décor.

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Decorate with Red

Adding red can be fun with these tips!


Red is dramatic and a confident colour that never takes a backseat. It will pop up and catch the eye even if you try to suppress it by some means. The main reason why designers ignore it! But instead of hiding the distraction, let us look at ways to flaunt it. Clever use of this bold shade can give stunning effects to your home and create a style statement.


Tip 1 / Ties with black

Very few combinations go with red. Black is one of them. Create an edgy look using red and black stripes and chevrons. How about putting it in an abstract form with red and black blocks? Cream background with black and little red motifs will provide an instant glam to your space. You can even install a dark floral wallpaper from Ever wallpaper. This online store has versatile designs of wallpapers from which the floral ones are exquisite. You can choose for any room as this website shows you the real feel of the wallpaper. What could be better than having more than 2000 designs at one stop? Now, you can indulge in red without much worry!

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Tip 2 / Soften with white

Are you looking for a subtle red finish? What could be better than accompanying it with some white? Make a white background with a red geometric pattern to create an abstract look. Explore more geometric patterns with a splash of red. It is an attractive option for a kitchen, kid’s room, and informal places.


Tip 3 /Decorate with red with a redbrick wall

 This is the easiest and safest option to play with red, giving an earthy feel. You must be thinking of how to live with bare red bricks? Do not worry! Use faux brick texture wallpaper around your room. But when you use this, make sure that only one wall is highlighted with it whereas the other remains plain. By this, you will indeed have a rustic yet magnificent brick covering.




Tip 4 /Layer red with pink and purple

We all know red because of its shocking feature, but do you know that red can be soothing too. When you introduce derivatives of pink and purple, it will give you a rich, defined look. A bit of white with that is necessary because the family of red can get too overwhelming. Use any kind of print, and you will get the best result!


Tip 4 /Use plaids

Small spaces are great to experiment with red. Using stripes and plaids can be very inviting. Have you thought of chequered patterns? That is not a bad idea either! It can give you a mid-century feel and a cosy bohemian look.



Are you excited to revamp your space now? Indulging in red for your décor is just like a cherry on top of the cake. You can have your favourite decor and colour at the same time. And guess what? Red carpet ideas are also welcoming. Is visualising it giving you happiness? Then what are you waiting for?


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