Sep 19, 2022

Making a modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Work for You

How to design a modern Minimalist Kitchen?

Browse our Minimalist kitchen design ideas and tips for a perfect interior


Kitchens – regardless of their style – bring people together. Undeniably, they are the heart of a home. But designing a kitchen that literally makes you happy takes more than the eye meets. So today, I will discuss what it takes to come up with an eye-swoon minimalist kitchen design.

By definition, minimal spaces call for a de-cluttered aesthetic. Yet, a kitchen is probably the one room that is as messy as can be. Unless of course, you have designed it in the most functional manner, in order to make it work harder for you. And a good way going about that is by making best usage of all available space, while keeping it neat and user friendly.


How to design a Minimalist Kitchen? Browse our Minimalist kitchen design ideas and tips for a perfect kitchen - design trends on italianbark

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem


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Minimalist kitchen design ideas and tips 


How to design a minimalist kitchen : The cabinetry


Deep drawers and/or roll-out cabinets are two features that make a kitchen much more user friendly. Adding space/drawer dividers will help you further in assigning a home position for every utensil/item in those drawers, eliminating the need to search for it later. Containers and baskets also help in this direction, as long as you don’t go overboard with them.

On the other hand, plain cabinets with shelving are more affordable. However, you have a limited access to things stored at the back of them. Consequently, you tend to forget what’s at the back and use it far less. Therefore, always aim to include in your kitchen design as many drawers as you can possibly afford.


Foxs Den Kitchen by Georgina Jeffries via est living

Design Hunter



How to design a minimalist kitchen : The kitchen island


A kitchen island is another great feature to consider in the design. It serves as a multi-purpose piece, but its functionality is dependent upon its size, position and placement. Usually, minimalist kitchens follow a linear design layout, so the island is no different. Moreover, they may have a monolithic appearance with hidden handles and commodities, endorsing that minimal clean line look.

In every case, an island offers a good workstation for food prepping and at the same time ample storage area. Personally, I think kitchen islands are also a game changer when it comes to entertaining. As such, I’m very fond of the idea of having a small wine cooler as part of a kitchen island along with a cabinet dedicated to entertaining. Thus, it would never hurt to include a couple of hidden plugs on your island in case you may need them.


How to design a Minimalist Kitchen? Browse our Minimalist kitchen design ideas and tips for a perfect kitchen - design trends on italianbark

Artur interieur

i29 via est living


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Keeping it together : The kitchen organization

Needless to say, that the organization of a kitchen, especially a minimal one, depends greatly upon your lifestyle needs. So my best advice if you want to create a minimalist kitchen is to evaluate carefully all the proposals of your kitchen designer. Don’t be afraid to change things about to meet your needs. If by any chance you have an everyday chore your dread, then the smart thing to do is to cater for it. It may restore your love for kitchens.

Say for instance you hate how long it takes to setup and clean up after breakfast that it strips away your joy of having a slow morning start. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a breakfast cabinet that is large enough to include everything you need for breakfast in one place. That way you won’t have to run about getting things out (and of course putting them all back later). It will help you make better use of your time. Hence, if this sounds a lot like your situation, then a breakfast/or snack cabinet may be your answer to your prayers. 

The takeaway point: while designing your kitchen, group a number of things together in order to facilitate the flow around your kitchen. Literally, assign the function of every drawer and cabinet while you’re still at the planning stage.

Now, some may argue that floating shelves as opposed to upper cabinets may push you to edit best your kitchenware for that minimal look. It definitely makes a kitchen Instagram worthy. Still, it surely requires a great deal of up-keeping, because they are huge dust traps. So I’ll let you decide on this one for yourselves.





Mminimalist kitchen : Aesthetics


In order to avoid that stark feeling that may be brought on by a minimal aesthetic, aim to use natural materials in your kitchen design i.e. wood and/or limestone. A smart solution could be to use veined marble, a favorite, natural material that can easily disguise cooking spills and stains. 

Moreover, consider using a neutral color palette. It is a super safe way to keep your stylish minimal kitchen from looking dated. Hence, you won’t have to keep updating it. Besides, it’s far easier to add on bold, bright, vivid colors as pops of colors via décor, plants, and fresh flowers. 

Lastly, it’s important to make sure you have adequate lighting for each kitchen zone. A kitchen with little lighting will look shady and that will do no justice to its overall aesthetic, which would be a real pity.


Lotta Agaton Interiors via The Design Chaser

Nooks via Poppytalk


In overall, I’d say that the best minimal kitchen design is the one that works hardest for you. It should cater to your lifestyle needs, be easy to clean and tidy, while it looks sleek and smart. Obviously, it must also make it easy for you to prep food for yourself and your loved ones. But then again, that’s true for any well designed kitchen.



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