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INTERIOR TIPS | How to Make Your House Look More Expensive


There are four basic decor elements (among many others) that can totally upgrade any home interior and take everything to another level without doing any renovation work whatsoever. These four elements add visual interest and make any home look more expensive. Once, you’ve nailed these then you can continue adding more elements if you feel the necessity to do so.

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Making a home look more expensive requires introducing elegant, luxurious and sophisticated elements. These are not necessarily too expensive, but it requires some thought input in them in terms of planning, resourcing and opting for the ones with the best add-on value.

Of course, there are many other general-orientated home upgrades that one may resort to in order to improve the overall living experience. For example, customized cabinetry, floor heating, marble counters and flooring, fireplaces, e.t.c. But they all involve renovation or planning and designing for them before building work begins.

So, instead, in this post are the best four elements that do no require any renovation works and will make your home look more expensive…with little effort!



How to make your home look more expensive | Add statement lighting

Statement lighting is and always will be one of the best and most classy ways to upgrade an interior adding that wow factor. Recessed and/or designer task lights are a great add-ons to have, but its the elegance of a statement pendant light that really makes heads turn and exudes that sense of luxury and refinement.

|| Discover here some of the coolest pendant lamps now


Golden statement lamp by


How to make your home look more expensive | Add a mirror

A large gold gilded mirror is a statement piece that can add glamour in a split of a second. It is best placed somewhere where it can reflect light and make a space seem larger. In any case, opt for one with an elaborate gilded frame that will bring a worldliness to a space, creating a stunning focal point. Be bold and consider adding such mirrors anywhere from an entryway, or powder room to a dining room.


Elegant room interior by Africa Studio



How to make your home look more expensive | Add a hand-knotted rug

Some people may believe that Oriental rugs are somewhat “old-fashioned” looking and not a good fit for a contemporary interior and hence, not worth their money. However, that’s far from true. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs may be indeed more costly than hand-tufted ones, but they are certainly one of the most impressive ways to add a subtle sophistication to a space. They come in a vast variety of sizes, colors, patterns and designs and therefore, there’s bound to be one that will fit your style best. More importantly, their longevity to hard-wear and the sense of luxury that they add to a space, make them a fabulous addition. Personally, I love their artistic impression and their uniqueness. I think that’s an unbeatable combination.

|| Be inspired by the Persian rugs Trend here


Blue rug by United Photo Studio


How to make your home look more expensive | Add Original Artwork

And this brings me to the last decor element: art. It doesn’t really matter if it’s an oil painting or a black and white gelatin photograph. Art is priceless. It reflects thoughts, emotions and feelings. Art is food for the soul. Therefore, if you really want your interior to stand out, look expensive and well curated then it’s best to invest in great pieces of original artwork that you like best and are one of a kind.


Warm living room by


These four elements when combined together will maximize your home’s aesthetic potential. Now, many of you may argue that window treatments are also a decorative element that can upgrade an interior. Sure! But, it will work for you only when you got the other elements mentioned above in place. Window treatments are not a stand-alone piece like statement lighting, a gilded vintage mirror, a Persian rug, or a precious statement art work. This is the very reason why I listed these four elements to begin with. They have the highest decor-value and I guarantee you that they will never fail you.

Cover: Scandinavian dining room by Jodie Johnson