Jun 28, 2019

INTERIOR TIPS | How to match cushions like a pro

Decorating with cushions is one of the easiest and funniest way to change the look of your living. But the question always is: How to match cushions for a good result?

First we should change a bit the title of this article because actually your pillows don’t have to match. In fact, you will achieve a more stylish and professional look if they don’t or, at least, won’t look like they have been matched.

Indeed, there are still some easy rules and tips to keep in mind when choosing your cushions and matching different designs like a pro.



Enjoy our short guide today, together with a great assortment of cushions from online shop Simply Cushions NZ.


How to match cushions like a pro / Tip 1

Go for different shapes

Nothing is more boring than a set of cushions all with same size and shape. Much better to start with some variations in size, including both big and small ones. You can also play with different shapes, adding rectangular, round, or more creative shapes too. This will help in creating a more interesting look!




How to match cushions like a pro / Tip 2

Go for different colors

It’s absolutely fine to choose different colours, but here you should keep some easy rules in mind. First, when thinking of how many colors, the “Rule of three” is usually a simple tip which works well: choose three colors which work well together and play with different hues around them. For choosing the colours, you can take the inspirations from some hues which already exist inside your room, for a more cohesive final look.




How to match cushions like a pro / Tip 3

Go for different patterns

Now that you have chosen your colour scheme, it’s time to play with pattern! In the last decor guide we already explained how to mix patterns like a pro. You can apply the tips also when mixing different cushions. Remember always to stick around the color scheme you chose, even if by choosing very different patterns.

Also, it’s easier to start with a leading pattern, maybe a bigger one, which can contain all of the three colors you chose. From that, you can start working on other patterns, in smaller sizes, which can be around only one of the colors. The “Rule of three” will apply also here, because you should remember to work always around three different scales of pattern. A dominant pattern could be a floral one or an ethnic one for example, matched with a medium size pattern (ex. stripes, dots, etc) and then a small one, which could also be a solid color with a different fabric/texture.


How to match cushions like a pro / Tip 4

Go for odd numbers

Last question is: how many pillows? Here it’s very easy and useful to remember that groups of odd numbers (ex.3 or 5) work much better than even numbers.

Have fun!



Cushions selection from Simply Cushions NZ

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