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MY HOME | Smart way to Store Magazines with USM Haller

How to store magazines at home? Smart solution with USM Haller

Raise your hand if with the start of September you feel the need of a massive reordering in your home! I am in the mood for a big reorganization too and I decided, as a start, to take the into my hands the messier corner of my home. That is, the one where I use to store all my interiors and design magazine. The question always is: how to store all these magazines?

|| But first: what’s your favourite interiors and design magazine? Here a list of mine

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A smart way to store magazines

Since I have too many different magazines (and I am not able to throw them away!) the solution was finding a clever way to store them. I wanted the magazine to be hidden (I don’t like their messy look on the open library), but at the same time to be stored in a place where it was very easy to pick the correct magazine up.

The solution was a very spacious and at the same time very solid storage solution. Yes, because many magazines together can really weight A LOT. I found the perfect solution in the USM Haller storage system



About USM Haller storage system

USM Haller is an iconic Swiss storage system, born from an idea of Paul Schaerer and Fritz Haller in the 60s. Since then, USM kept its signature minimalist design, always improving its technology and quality.

The origin of this classic Swiss furniture design is a chrome ball joint with chrome tubes and metal insert panels that allow endless solutions for both the home and office. The solution guarantees incredible stability and  solidity, thanks also to the quality of materials used in the furniture construction.


USM Haller detail



Build your own USM Haller system!

USM comes with spacious drawers, which I discovered being perfect for the size of a magazine standing horizontally. Whenever I need then, I just need to open the drawers and pick up the magazine I am looking for!

I choose the version in beige, but you can choose among an endless range of colours and dimensions, and configure your USM with the online configuration. In fact, USM Modular Furniture Haller opens enormous freedom in design. Freestanding as a room divider or precisely fitted as a supplement to the architecture – it adjusts to the user in form, function and color.

Have a look at USM Haller instagram here and be inspired!

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